Looking for KI-Friends and fun Matches

Hello everyone :smiley:

This is my first thread and is a really simple one as the tittle implies. I am just trying to find some friends who I can play KI with and have fun matches. Before going any further just wanna let you know who I am and my experience with KI.
My gamertag is eltony88de the same as my user name in the forum. I ve always loved fighting games (they are my favorites) and what I played most time at the arcades. I like KI since the snes time, in fact, it was the first game I ever saved money to buy. I was a child and never learned to play KI as good as I could eventually play Marvel vs Capcom and that type of fighting games, but performing the few combos and ultras I could, was always really enjoyable :smiley:

So you can imagine what it was to know back in 2013 at E3 that there was a new KI on the making after so many freaking years. It seemed like the wait was over. I follow the footage mostly through maximiliam dood and what I saw back them I just loved it. So since the realease of the first season I started to follow KI and took quite long to get an Xbox one (it was early this year, pretty much at the end fo season 2). I guess I am a good player, who mains spinal and plays fulgore and jago nad also trying to get into other characters, I ve reached Killer but once there It has been kinda difficult to ladder up.

After this not-so-brief introduction of my history with KI I would just like to find some friends that share really good feelings about this game as I do and have some matches, train and just enjoy the experience. I ve read lots of threads in the forums and the community is amazing so anyone is welcome to add me. As I said gamertag eltony88de most of the time I can just play around 9:00 pm ET due work and on weekends I am pretty much free

Thank you, Hope to have some matches and fun time with ya guys


Welcome to the forums, good sir.

The GGs Thread is the main place to ask for matches, so I recommend you post there.



Thanks @SonicDolphin117 :smiley:
one question though, what does GC mean? I am not familiar with it

GGs stand for “Good Game,” basically a phrase you give someone after a set of matches as a sign of respect.

Even if you didn’t enjoy the set, it’s nice to say it anyway.

I’ll be adding you when i get home (if I can maanage to remember :confused: )
I play a variety of characters and more than qualify to help you expand and improve on everything you know and want to learn. GT is the same as my forum name: YouuGotShingles

Add me! FeverAyeAye

You there! Leave my Hisako shadow alone already! :stuck_out_tongue:

Added you :sunglasses:

I’ll add you, been wanting some one good to play casual matches with. I’m in CST(sorta) so I’m 3 hours behind you right now. 6pm is a good time for me on week days.

Sure, stop fighting back and let it rest! How about we fight instead of letting the shadows do it?

Haha, literally every time I have Shadow Lab activity it’s you getting revenge on my Hisako. :joy: And, sure. :slight_smile:

No! Every time I have Shadow Lab activity it’s you getting revenge on my ARIA.

I think the whole cycle kicked off because I played Shadow Survival and fought your ARIA there, heh.