Looking for Glacius Coach

Hi all, pretty straight forward, just as the title says:

Im looking for a more experienced player who can give me some pointers on how to improve my Glacius play.

Thanks in advance!

I think I can help you learn some Glacius. I’m pretty sure I’m not the best Glacius around but I think I’m pretty formidable.

A lot of people on this forum will say that my Glacius is amazing, I even have a Season 2 Glacius guide on this character page.

Hit me up with a message and I’ll give you some pointers.

That would be most excellent, thank you both.

My only issue right now is that there seems to be an issue with my voice chat on Xbox app, so I can’t hear anyone but they can hear me. If you are willing we could use skype in order to make the “coaching” a little more interactive. Let me know if you can.Otherwise, we can just write through the app, thats fine too.

Thanks in advance, will add tonight.

I’d love to get in on this coaching thing. I picked up Glacius recently and I think I had some of the basics down but I need to tighten up my game.

Just add me on XBL ( GT: Wyrmnus ) and I’ll be down to discuss Glacius. I’m not always on the XB1, but I have the Xbox app installed on my PC, so I can at the very least chat on there.

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Add me Gt: DrN9ne. Any time you see me on, send me an invite. Glacius is my main in S3.

Not sure how I missed th… oh wait… lol, I don’t frequent this forum much. They keep updating and removing the old threads :frowning: anyway

Hit me up whenever you see me online. GT= RoTeNdO or reach out to me via twitter . @usmc_rotendo :wink: