Looking for friendly sparring partners!

Hi guys!
I’m kind of new to the game and I’m looking for some friendly folks who would like to throw down occasionally. Been playing single player for a couple months but only felt comfortable enough with that practice to go online yesterday and qualified gold (but now i’m getting stomped by gold and killer all day… which is helping in the learning process pretty good but OUCH lol).

I also just got my shadow set up (Orchid) and am currently using shadow lab as training for fighting against “non-AI” opponents, but obviously real life flesh and blood people would be better and more fun. I hope I’m not out of line by posting this here but if anybody wants to get down on some KI feel free to shoot me a friend request on xbox live. GT: mine is broken

I don’t mind being a punching bag for experienced players because I believe losing = learning and I’m definitely excited about the possibility of meeting other players who are also just starting out and maybe looking for people to play with. You can even taunt and teabag me! Just keep the chat friendly :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope to get to know some of you better! :smile:


Love your attitude :smiley:

As I mentioned in the other thread, I’d be happy to play sets with you! I’ll be busy for the next few days but I’m definitely down to play, so feel free to add me up!


gamertag is the same as your forum name?

Yep! It’s a magic word of my own design :smile:

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request sent, i’ll be around most of the weekend (when the kids let me, mostly after 8 pm eastern)

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Xbl: Raiden OH
TimeZone: Central United States
ON : 10:00 PM to 12:00 PM Saturdays, Tuesday and Sunday 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Need help practicing for upcoming tournament.
Send me friend request. I’ll be able to start next week right now in the hospital with tube up my nose. :frowning:

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Sending request now. Hope you’re feeling better soon! I’m not sure how much good tourney practice I’ll be but I’m definitely down to get some practice in against tourney level players! Hit me up any time you catch me on, I’m all in now that the fightstick is upgraded to xbone/ps4 so I’ll be around for sure. :smile:

No need to go into details, but are you going to be fine???

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Hopefully I won’t need surgery.

Take care!! I hope it turns out well and no surgery is required then. We will be waiting for you :grinning:

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TY :slight_smile: Cant wait to meet with you!

So, one day you were like:



That’s pretty hype actually. I personally like it, and wish I had something cool like that, but

TheNinjaOstrich™ is like a brand name now. Everybody knows me with this name. It’s stuck. But, I don’t mind it. It’s something I love! Ninjas, and Ostriches. So, why not put them together? :slight_smile:


I already added you. I’ll have to get on and play with you some time! You qualified right into Gold, so you’re already ahead of me. Should be interesting.
@Marbledecker & @TheNinjaOstrich I’ve got the same thing going with Fwufikins. It started as a nick name from a friend, then an email address, then a few account names, then a character in a story I’m writing :laughing:

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I’ll add you as well. Or you could add me. Not very good but can at least teach you the foundations and get your feet wet.


freind req sent, looking forward to playing :smile:

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GT is the same as forum name, feel free to add me

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I’d love to give you tips and have sets with you.

First tip: if Her0ofTim3 offers to teach you, just politely decline. lol

EDIT: Though TBH I’m not a great teacher myself. I’m just not good at the whole “going easy on you” thing. I want to, but it’s not something I can do.

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Would like to spar sometime if you’re interested.

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I’m work in the afternoons central time 2:30-10:30 but ifyou see me online just send me a message :smile:

friend req sent :smile: