Looking for a teacher

Hi there. First of all I played a lot of SF, MK,Injustice,Tekken so I understand how fighting gmaes work, especially 2D ones, etc and I want to jump over to KI.

I watched a lot of videos for over 2 years now since I really like the game. I understand the basic concepts of the game and its mind games (I think).

Now that is released on PC I am looking for someone to sort of play/train me so I can reroute my brain to think appropriately for KI and enjoy this awsome game). I live in Cyprus, so a european player would be preferrable=)



Can’t volunteer as a teacher but allow me to suggest some resources. In case you haven’t tried it yet, I would definitely go through the Dojo lessons in game to get reassurance on the games concepts and mechanics. It seems like you should have a strong fundamental knowledge base due to your background, but you didn’t seem too confident as to the game’s specific mechanics. The Dojo will run you through almost everything in a fairly effective manner.

Second, look up ki.infil.net in your browser. Or go through the General Discussion pinned topic on the KI Guide if you don’t trust me. :wink: Infil did a phenomenal job constructing a thorough and in-depth guide and breakdown of the game and characters.

These won’t be as good as having a teacher, but they will both reaffirm your understanding of the game and give you a great starting place to begin on your own so that when you do find a teacher or sparring partner, you won’t be starting as fresh.


I’m a teacher! :stuck_out_tongue:

…but I’m not You’re-a-peein. :blush:

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play the dojo mode, that tells you everything you need to know

Got a whole thread about JUST this for ya’:

Come see our list of available trainers.

And Welcome!

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Go hit up Mr xFluttershy thread about this topic.

@GalacticGeek are you free tomorrow evening? Seem like a good learning person with no salt involved.

Damn I’m salty :frowning:

Lol I don’t know are you?

No I’m not lol I actually volunteered to teach on. Flutter Shys thread. I am available, okay the entire cast, and am in love with omen.

Cool okay. If geek is not available are you tomorrow evening?

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I’ll be available virtually all evening (minus dinner with the family) starting at ~3 p.m. in the afternoon. :wink:


@DulXboxOne and @GalacticGeek thanks should be on around 6 pm (EST)

Thank you both!

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Thanks everyone, you have been very helpful, especially you @MrxFlutterShy for creating such a helpful thread. I’ll defenitely check it out=P