Looking back on Eye-dol

I used to be on here launching diatribes against including Eyedol in the game. Now at the end of Season 3, I think he is the most memorable villain in the game. Gargos is too much of a cartoon or something to me. Fulgore is cool but he isn’t special enough or something. Eyedol is the character that I think grabs one’s attention by the looks alone. And he plays like a big boss character too.

Anyways, I just wanted to say I hated the KI1 Eyedol so much that I was in complete alignment with how the developers spoke of Eyedol as a kind of embarrassment as a main boss. But he is arguably the best designed character now imo.

And I mean this just as a design. Not how he performs in competitive formats.


Although he is not being present in many top 8, Eyedol is being slept. He is one of the most powerful characters, and with some time, more specialists will show how powerful this character is

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I do believe Eyedol has potential too.

And regarding the topic I felt the same, but with Gargos…
Now I like him. And after using him for a while I can identify his moves better.

And what or Earth I’m doing awake at 5:30 am? Goodnight people. See you later xD

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Eyedol is one of the big inspirations of a beast in my book just because they did a such a good job on his design.

I think that’s enough for me. :slight_smile:

Eyedol is amazing! One of the best made characters in the game. He is one of my few pocket characters.
I main Omen but I pocket Killgore, Eyedol, and Fulgore.

Nah, it’s just I’m spending too much time in bed for not feeling good XD still ill u_u
that’s why I had time to work on those Wulf’s tips I posted .I’m visiting the forums often, I don’t want to miss them, heh.

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I truly believe the reason Eyedol doesn’t get more top 8’s is because top players don’t use him. Main reason for that are the random head switches. Top players want their skill to shine through and the wrong head switch can be really bad, usually switching to Warrior at full screen away (Mage can handle close combat for the most part).

I don’t really think the random switching is enough to deter players from using him. Sure you might have unfavorable spacing but it’s not like switches can happen in situations where one head doesn’t have an answer for what the opponent might be doing.

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Looking at eyedol grosses me the F out. Love it.

Eyedol might be Adam and Adam’s greatest achievement S2- S3. IMO

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Looking back at Eyedol and Gargos, I liked Eyedol better in KI1. Gargos looked very plain and boring in KI2, not very menacing, but Eyedol definitely was.

In the new KI though, I feel the roles are now reversed. Eyedol looks like an ugly troll-like creature, being a fat pig with a cleaved head instead of a tall and menacing demonic creature as he once was. His retro makes up for it a bit though.

However, that’s exactly what Gargos is now. He looks awesome and menacing, and his gameplay reflects that immensely. He is so much cooler than Eyedol this time around.

So in my opinion, Gargos has won this time.

Hmm… Eyedol does have a magical club and summons a lot of magic. Seems more demonic than the old Goat Eyedol to me. And I just feel like Gargos looks comical, not intimidating, with the minions.

How do you feel about Eyedol’s retro?

Summoning magic is not necessarily a demonic trait though. That just makes him less than what he once was, taking him further away from his original self.

Also, the randomness between his two states is also taking away from my enjoyment of playing him. It’s like Tira from Soul Calibur, who I absolutely adore, but the changing back and forth prevented me from fully enjoying playing as her. Luckily, the change wasn’t all THAT much with Tira, but it is with Gargos. More than I personally prefer.

As for looking comical… Gargos definitely takes the cake on that department. A fat troll with a club… that’s some Harry Potter stuff right there. XD

A more demonic feature than anything Eyedol had from KI1 in my opinion. And being a Fat Troll with a club in itself doesn’t signify a horrifying monster or a rather campy goofy one like something out of D&D. For example The Witcher 3 has some scary looking monsters, but if you look at D&D games its all very tounge and cheek. Its all in the eye of the beholder though i guess.

You don’t think Eyedol looks scary though? You can see his brain…

Hun, I was raised with horror and gore movies and games. Some split head with some brain showing isn’t gross or scary to me. It’s just rather cheesy and campy.

Ah, that’s on you than. You’re bias.

And what exactly makes me biased, and you not?

I don’t mind you thinking Eyedol is cool and that you like him better than Gargos. That’s on you.
But just because I disagree with you, suddenly I’m biased?

Yeah, no, get out with that sh#t.

You said you were raised on horror so Eyedol doesn’t seem horrifying. If you were raised on something else it would be horrifying to you. You have a bias against the open skull’d brain of Eyedol, bro. You already admitted it.

That’s not what bias means. I’d be biased if I judged Eyedol’s appearance and gameplay badly, because I held the first KI in high regard. And though I love the first KI, that’s not the case, as I see the new KI as a better product overall and most of the characters in the new KI are better iterations of themselves than what they were in past games. To give an example, Orchid is my favourite character and my favourite version of her in the past games was in KI2, because I prefer the tonfas as her weapons. However, I find her style and gameplay in the new KI is a lot better, even if she isn’t using tonfas.


The only bias I hold, as ANYONE holds (because no one can truly be 100% neutral), is that I have certain preferences and viewpoints on what I think is cool and better. I do not find fat and gross trolls cool, and that is what Eyedol appears like in the new KI. Whether I find a split-open head horrifying or not doesn’t matter though, as long the concept is done well, and the devs did a good job with it. Had the rest of his character been more like it was in KI1 though, then I’d maybe find him a cooler character.

I also am no fan of the randomness that is his gameplay, switching between gameplay styles out of my control. I don’t think that’s good gameplay. It might be fun for some, the same people who play as Mokujin in Tekken which switches into a whole new character on the roster at random between each match. To me, randomness in a character, meaning less control of what it does, is not a good thing if you want to be good with a character. I prefer knowing that if I do this one thing, my character will do that one thing! If I press this button, then my character will do what that button is assigned to do. The lack of control you have over your character with those such as Eyedol and Omen to some extend as well (his fireballs) is a style I do not enjoy playing.

So not only do I not like Eyedol’s appearance, I do not like his gameplay style either. Between the two iterations, I find his former one to be the better one.

And you not sharing that opinion IS OKAY! We do not have to agree, and you can love and play Eyedol all you want. My opinion about him should not affect you one bit. Not everyone HAS to like what you like, and people aren’t wrong for having a different opinion than you, because your opinion is NOT the one sole truth!

Accept that and move on.