Looking at what's happened with RotTR on Windows 10 and Gears Ultimate on PC, will KI manage to avoid having similar issues?


None of that looks good.

Are there things in place to ensure that KI avoids most of the above when it launches on PC? You know first impressions and all that.

Speaking of Gears UE on PC, here’s both its review score and user score:

KI definitely isn’t Gears… or Halo for that matter (MCC launch). I’m not sure if it could survive the same thing happening to it.


Most of the problems stem from the fact that it’s a bad port, the devs did a poor job. If IG don’t repeat the same mistakes, I suppose it would be tolerable, I mean, you are still dealing with W10 and UWP, but at least the game itself plays fine.

I think you’re right. Apparently, even with Rise of the Tomb Raider, things like SLI and Crossfire are supported, it’s just that Nixxes forgot to add them.

I’m just hoping there’s no backlash against KI itself just because it’s a UWA.