Look what I bought for my Xbox

On my business trip to the US I could not leave without a few Xbox accessories. Apparently not yet out until tomorrow…now I have to main Spinal. No choice, right?



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Yes, ain’t it?
ALL MINE, MWUHAHAHA! (that is until my kid takes it away from me)


I like that the RT is colored like a gold tooth, I guessing it costs about the same as those Minecraft controllers my niece was talking to me about (around $100 or so)?

You could have a safe or case made to look like a treasure chest and lock it in there. Maybe even “bury” it under sand-colored clothes in the back of a closet.

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Actually it was about $80. Not a 100 but still cost a bit I guess.

Its $75 apparently, I saw it in an article on Gamespot an hour ago. It really is beautiful, I’m probably going to get one. The Seagate Game Drive HDD looks pretty neat too.
Its also got some KI vibes to it with the purple and the almost-green smoke-like effect.

It glows in the dark as well apparently. Trying it out now in my hotel room…like a big kid

:smile: :smile: