Longer Fulgore cloak?

Does fulgore stay invisible longer after the patch? I was playing a match with sonic, and one of his friend and was invisible for like a good 10 seconds.

It means he cancelled Teleport to Teleport repeatedly. It can make him appear invisible for an extended period of time.

Is that considered like advanced tech, because I was invise for a good while…all you could see were the eyes and jets from his feet lol

Doing 2 QCB motions with a kick in between isn’t too advanced. You can do it intentionally or mashing pretty easily.

Mashing deffinitly mashing…was breaking in the controller lol.

Assuming you’re to the left of your opponent at full screen, I usually do a light fireball (the slowest) into light or medium teleport into a heavy teleport to go for a mixup.

If you can calculate distance easily, you can even end with a medium teleport into light blade dash then light laser for a frame trap and opener if the light laser or blade dash hit.

This actually sounds like a minor bug/glitch - its happened to me before…

There are actually a few bugs that cause him to stay invisible for a bit longer, but most of them are triggered when you hit Fulgore. For example the other day I grabbed Fulgore out of his teleport and he stayed invisible almost until he got up from the knockdown. Though these feel more like lag issues than actual game bugs.