Long time no-see,complaints,thoughts and ideas...Gargos

Okay complaints- why wasnt Gargos implemented into a story mode for season 3?,and why isnt there a s3 story line yet ? Gargos is obviously what 90% of players are using in killer ranked matches im getting,and it doesnt seem he has a natural matchup disadvantage. Why doesnt Rash,Mira,gargos have a stage??? we paid the same price as other installations and didnt get stages or story line. It only seems natural the Gargos is a little overpowered and shouldt have been available in ranked play just due to he sheer fact thats its a little unfair to the other players and instead of killer instinct it seems to now be Gargos instinct ATM. TY godspeed

plus he is glitchy ,ive noticed that most of the cast’s projectiles dissapear midflight if gargos performs no matter if he launches an attack after the projectiles,also happens when hisako goes undeground ,gargos launches different attacks and it will pull her right out of the teleport move back to where she started and stationary.

Story mode comes later via the all-new Shadow Lords mode, where Gargos is a key feature.

Lack of stages are likely due to budget and time constraints.

Gargos is terrible during wakeup - that’s his disadvantage, so knock’em down!

Gargos has the ability to not only destroy projectiles via s.HP or s.HK, but can often hit you with portal punches before your projectiles hit him and can ignore them with his instinct or a particular shadow move. But making them disappear on hit? That only applies to certain characters (e.g., Spinal, Cinder, Mira, etc.) and is not Gargos specific.

Finally Gargos is only popular because he’s new - that’s why you see him a lot. That’ll likely change with time.

No offense, but you’re ignorant of the facts. I hope my reply fixes that. :wink:


Yeah buddy he’s not OP at all. I’ve been having fun with him on ranked and it is not easy to beat everyone. It’s just the people who need longer to adjust to new characters that seem to be feeling the gargos squeeze hehe.

Not sure where you’re playing from, but I’ve been on KI for about 6 hours today. Consistent matchmaking, only faced 2 Gargoses today, both were rubbish and only one really knew how to use the combo system. He is not OP, he’s just fairly difficult to play against if you let him have screen-space. His wake-up is basically non-existent, his Instinct is kinda rubbish from what I’ve seen so far (I’m praying someone shows me a truly Godlike way to use it).

Well I’ve noticed instances of Cinder’s invisible Inferno (In a couple of @UABass’s Rough Sets uploads) and Glacius’ invisible Hail (I think it was in a tournament, definitely versus a Shago. Glacius got hit by a fireball after releasing a heavy(?) Hail, it disappeared when he got hit but Shago was also hit by somehing invisible. I’ll try to find them and link both instances in case they haven’t been reported), but I don’t think that is a Gargos-specific bug.

Video(s) to make this clearer, please.

Hisako has no invincibility whatsoever on her teleport. If you do a tracking attack on her right before she goes under, she’s going to get hit.

I’ve played almost exclusively Gargos’s for the last three days. It’s gotten so bad for me I’ve gone back to sfv for a bit.

Also, I’ve been watching streams where some o f the best this game has to offer are losing on thier 1-3yr mains to 2-3week old Gargos’s play’d by people who have never been able to beat them before, this makes me wonder about Gargos. I don’t know if he’s ‘op’ or not, I’m not in a position to make that call but he is… interesting.

In the end though, he is a design that’s distilled all the obnoxious, annoying and utterly fun-killing characteristics to be found spread across multiple fighters down in to a single character. Extreme air mobility in a game not based around air dashes, long range, automatically tracking punches that come out so far they auto anti-AA a large chunk.of the cast without the Gargos player having to think, or time anything or really any effort into it. Same tracking moves will knock many characters right out of various specials as well, then lead to minion setups. Minions that will auto anti-air you. Knock you out of specials, combo break, open you up, etc. Numerous options that make you guess/stop him from committing to unsafe moves. CMD grab controls huge screen space in front, is quite fast and will.snatch you out of just about anything.

But he has a bad wakeup game. If he doesn’t have instinct. Or minions. So once you knock him down his weakness is never letting him up. A feat i have yet to see a SINGLE player, no matter how high level, accomplish. I’ve watched numerous pros fail to just ‘not let him up’ but apparently, somehow , this is easy to do and valid weakness. I mean yes. You can pressure the knockdown but a good.block.or read on his part and you are back to neutral.

I’ll flat out admit that I find this character idiotic. Even if he’s not too strong or whatever, he is just boring and miserable to fight against, armed with almost nothing that isn’t cheap and frustrating so.even if this is some magical matchup knowledge thing then he becomes reasonable, it’s just NOT FUN TO FIGHT AGAINST.

I personally will be researching the Gargos V Kim MU, and stepping back from KI until the sea of Gargos players dies down a little bit… because out of, I dunno , 15-20 different players played the last several days I have had almost EVERY SINGLE ONE play Gargos almost exclusively and out of a handful.of.exhibition matches and a few ranked matches, it’s been Gargos.

Also, id like to add this:

Gargos without minions is fine. He’s annoying but nothing special. He makes complete sense to me without minions. Understand counters, honestly a fun and challenging matchup. The Gargos I am complaining about is one that has and/or is actively working towards, a double minion board.

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Get Gud

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Haha. Well said. I don’t fully agree (just the annoying part I agree with) but I get what you’re saying.

He’s definitely annoying and I think his design is bad but, he’s my only defense against a good kim wu lol.

You’re right, exploring the MU, having a running post on the Kim forums about it, labbing it up for hours and playing something to the tune of 100 matches against various Gargos players - none of this is getting ‘gud’ and I can absolutely see how getting ‘gud’ somehow transforms Gargos into a normal and enjoyable to play against character that isn’t obnoxious and fun-consuming.

While you run your little mouth, take a moment to look around at the impact this character is having on almost everyone except the people playing him. I’m not going to name names and put anyone out there because I have no right to , but I’ve talked to several high profile players/streamers about Gargos (about he state of KI in general) and the responses have been, while not as extreme as my personal view, still very much inline with my general thinking. These players are, in fact, quite ‘gud’, and still think Gargos is a terrible design.

And before you jump in to retort what do the opinions of this tiny group of individuals matter - so what I’d they’re streamers or top players… and you’re absolutely right. Just because a personality or pro gives an opinion, that absolutely doesn’t mean that opinion amounts to fact, or even that it carries anymore weight than the opinion(s) of other. HOWEVER, these personalities and pros have a deeper understanding of the game that most and they act as part of KI’s public face. They are ambassadors for the game. Thier opinions do effect the opinions of others, especially new players. For KI to succeed and thrive, it needs new blood.

When I first saw Gargos , I loved his design. It seemed so interesting and creative and different. I really thought he’d be a great character… then I got the chance to play against him and realized pretty quickly that he has the potential to be a great design, but some of the decision making behind him was flawed. Minions need to work differently and PPs tracking is deeply idiotic.

its hard not to take offense when someone calls you ignorant and im being calm when i say this so dont take offense that i do take offense and then you emoji a wink,lol . im not mad but hopefully in real life you dont add insult to injury
when you talk to people like that , but i forgive you when i shouldnt ,you should have worded that better like for instance " no offense but your kinda not doing your homework or research to the patch notes.:sunglasses:

To be ignorant is not an insult - it simply means that you did not know, and nothing more, and in this that’s true - you didn’t know; that is an undeniable fact. You’re imagining a negative inflection as if I had actually said it aloud, and with malice - of this, I assure you, I did not. However, I expected this reaction when I typed it, which is why I clearly prefaced it with “no offense” as it’s true - I wanted you to understand that I wasn’t typing it with any intention of being negative or with malice towards you. I’m sorry you failed to see that (or seemed not to care and chose to ignore it).