Long read: My GoFundMe campaign

Hello everyone. I don’t usually post stuff like this but I figured I would share it with the awesome KI community. I’ve created a GoFundMe account with my wife in hopes of raising some money. Here’s the story:

My 5 year old son has Autism and has been in and out of speech, occupational, and ABA therapies. Our 2 year old son also needs help with speech and shows some signs of Autism although not as severe. They are making progress but we’ve run into a bit of an issue. The facility that they were most recently at does not accept Medicaid so we’ve been using our own insurance and paying out of pocket. This has cost an arm and a leg. We’ve racked up a little over $3,000 in therapy bills and have been forced to switch to another facility that accepts Medicaid.

On top of this, there is discussion (not set in stone yet) that the state of Texas will no longer pay for speech or occupational therapies via Medicaid starting October 1st. This will severely limit our options for getting help for our sons. Because of all of this, we’ve started a GoFundMe account to not only pay for the existing bills but to also raise money to help move our family out of the state. It’ll be to a state which has more options available to us.

Thanks for reading, even if you choose not to donate. Feel free to share the page. I hate asking people for money but we’re trying to do what’s best for our family.

Link to the GoFundMe campaign:


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My little brother is autistic, and you played my wife in Ranked, so this is hitting close to home for me.

I’ll see what I can do to help.


Any help would be amazing and greatly appreciated. I know with the right help, our sons can have a normal social life. They’re both super smart. Thanks for reading :smile:


Tweeted out the link.


I recognize exactly how important this is for a growing autistic child. I actually have Asperger’s Syndrome myself, so I can relate. Growing up with autism can be hard on both the parents and the children. However, with the right help and enough hard work it is possible to minimalize the effect it has on your lives. I managed to go from having meltdowns and having a singular topic of interest to being relatively regular young man with a broad spectrum of ideals and a really lassez faire attitude, even testing out of the speech therapy sessions my school used to provide.
Even if it seems weak asking for financial help, you’re doing the right thing. This sort of hell can help your son(s) take control of their autism rather than letting it control them.
I’ll help spread the word, see what I can do. Best of luck, comrade.

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