Logan Trailer 2

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I haven’t been a particular fan of any of the Wolverine standalone movies. The last one was okay. But this looks like it will be very compelling.

I thought the Wolverine was a great movie (till the last 15 minutes :pensive:) the mech battle really brought the whole movie down, which is a shame…

This trailer looks really good though, if it turns out great, movies like this, Deadpool, Guardians of the Galaxy will show the great diversity in super hero movies. Even though Winter Soldier (thriller), Ant-Man (heist movie), Dr. strange (psychadelic magic) did this to a lesser degree, its great so see even more and better diversity coming out. Even for a die hard superhero like me, I need something to mix it up sometimes.

Now I hope DC movies will take a cue from this…

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Agree on the Wolverine last act. But I’d still give it a 7.8/10.

As for DC Extend Cut Universe I think this year may be their year, because if Justice League fails… Then there will be hell to pay, though I doubt after what happened with Squad it end up like any that movie. By time the movie is out we will alreadyhave been introduced to half of the League.(If you count the email scene from BvS…)

I also think Wonder Woman will have a good chance because it’s different and a solo movie with diversity. Much like you stated with Deadpool, Antman, Doc Strange. To me it’s a combination of the first Captain America movie( though this movie is set in WWI) meets Clash of the Titans and Superman 1978 from what I have been reading online.

If all goes right it will be a great year for capes, for both sides hopefully.

I hope Wonder Woman will be good, the trailer looked great and I like Gal Gadot (dont know how to spell her name :sweat_smile:) as Wonder Woman. I heard there were issues though just the other week, I hope they are just rumors…

I didnt think Superman, B vs S and Suicide Squad were great so far, but I got my entertainment value out of them anyways, so I dont think the DC Universe is a mess, it does however needs a bit of finesse and perhaps some restraint…I feel like they are trying to hard to catch up to Marvel and are doing it by just making the movies ‘bigger’.

so far im not impressed, and i dont like it that X23 is a little girl shouldve been older imo but whatever lol

Her being a little girl is chronicoled (sp?) in the comics though, so it doesnt surprise me, and in the trailer it seems to work, I like the intensity of the actress.

What will probably make or break the movie is how they explain the setting. In the Old Man Logan comic its an apocalyptic nightmare with super villains dividing the continent (and probably the world) amongst themselves leaving the world a wasteland. I doubt they are going that way with the story here. So the questions remains, how far in the future? What happened to mutants? Why is he protecting prof. X? And how does Laura (X-23) fit in here.

As a side note…I have an idea where they might take the movie…

Since this will be Hugh Jackman’s last time as wolverine, and I dont see them recasting, I’m guessing Laura will be his successor. It fits with the way they rejuvinated the rest of the x-man cast. My idea leans on the fact that they will end up sending Laura to the past to change whatever happened to the world, setting her up for appearances together with the other x-teens.

Not sure how I feel about time travel in such a serious movie, but sending her back would mean a solution to the messed up world we see and would give them a goal to strife for in the movie and making her useful in the bigger picture…

im like 80% sure wolverine is going to die in this movie :\ why cant they just leave him alone in the movies? they always doing something to him like stripping his healing factor and all that. cmoooon, give us a PROPER wolverine movie!