Lockout Timers

I apologize if there’s already a thread for this. I looked for a good while, but couldn’t find it if it exists.

So, lockouts. A regular lockout is 3 seconds, while a counter-break is 4 seconds. Got it.

Is there a difference in time allotted between strength-lockout and timing-lockout? I ask because in my experience, the timing-lockouts always feel longer, but we’re dealing with very tiny amounts of time, so I can’t say if they truly are longer.

No, the timing lockout is the exact same time as a strength lockout (3 seconds).

Thanks. That clears that up, and I can stop pushing the lockout window based on silly feelings and just stick to my lockout routines. Very good to know. Thanks again.

Sure thing :grin:

What bothers me is that there seems to be a bug that was in S2 and that is apparently still around in S3 involving lockout timers: sometimes, when getting locked out, they don’t appear at all. You’re still locked out, but you can’t see the timer, to know when to be able to combo-break. I think this only happens when you’re the one on offense, and with the purple lock-outs, but it’s still a pretty bad glitch.

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They know about this but haven’t had a chance to correct it yet. This really bothers me because I never know when the next chance is to break and you end up getting locked out again!

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