Lockjaw's Saga Remixed in Unreal Engine 4

Hello dudes, do you remember me? I’m PANDA / CAZETTA from previous season 1 and season 2 forums.

I have been learning Unreal Engine 4, Maya and Mudbox for a slightly more than one year now. It is hard to practice when you have to work the entire day, but I’m slowly getting there, I guess hehe.

I would like to know what do you think about this video I made.

I’ll definitely try some KI stuff in some near future. Cinder’s stage in mind. I just need more free time =p


No comments at all? hehe

I think you did a phenomenal job. I wish I had that patience to learn coding…oh the things I would do…

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Thank you dude =}

It’s not that hard, but yes it requires a lot of patience =}

Come on dudes! I need feedback for improvements. I know you can do it! =P

I’m not sure what lockjaw’s saga is? Either way I’d be excited to see anything ki related! Welcome back to the forums, and thanks for posting!

Oh… maybe I forgot the context?

It’s a stage from Donkey Kong Country 2, a game from Rare, who did the first KI. That’s why I made the link =}

Here’s the original:

ooooh ok. Yea I knew about DKC and Rare and stuff, but having never played DKC2 I wasn’t sure what lockjaw’s saga was referring to. Thanks for linking a video to the original level! Your animation looks great! Very cool!

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