Lion Guardian?

No announcement of the new Lion Guardian here in the forums? I seen it advertised on the Xbox home page and it links to the NEWS page here…but nothing in the actual forums topics that I could find via search bar.

Anyway looks pretty cool…has anyone tried him out? Thoughts? Is Shadow Lords dead? I haven’t played it in a couple months.
Also… how does Eagle have 2 Guardians while fighting in Shadow Lords? Could be confusing with cool down signals or over lapping of the guardians. I need to try it out myself.

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The lion guardian is indeed out. It came out on the 4th. It’s kinda underwhelming though. Increased attack and defense when your in low health. So until you get down to about 30 percent health, the lion does nothing for you.

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Thats what I was thinking. What would be cool is if you could cycle through different guardians like a “tool belt” in Dark Souls or any Action RPG game. Cycle through and use them accordingly when needed… that would be absolutely SICK! Maybe not all guardians , but maybe 3 to choose from?

I actually find it very useful against the tougher A.I. it feels like a mini shadow lord item, also if I’m not mistaken the higher the level of lion guardian you have the earlier it will activate.

That’s probably all I’d use it for is the gargos fights.

I’ve actually had that idea before. I was thinking a guardian that would serve as a joker or wild card in your deck, allowing you to tie three choice guardians to and use their ability. I know my three.
Crimson ward
Crimson ram or bat
Crimson snake

Maybe we could make Eagle’s eagle a guardian, since he technically acts like a guardian giving eagle an unfair advantage in SL being able to use 2 guardians (sort of)…

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I have a few Lion guardians, they’re not bad, especially when you up the difficulty, though I’m not sure I’d want to trade Snake or Fractured Ward in those situations. Still, not a bad idea with this one. Kinda surprised there was no mention of it on the board in terms of the News section.

As for Shadow Lords, I’m still playing. Currently at 104%. Eagle dossiers seem to be rather hard to come by, but that’s all I’ll have left once I get the Lion dossier. It’s a nice way to play to level Eagle up, so I’m enjoying. Also looking forward to reading the lore once I unlock it. :slight_smile:


Did it ever came out?

Snake? No

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