Limited edition character colors now? Great

I’m so thrilled.

Shadow Jago color 10 will only be available with the figure.
Not only that, the Shago figure is limited edition.
So only 5,000 people will be able to get it.

I can’t explain how disappointed I am to see this kind of thing happening in KI.
I get that its supposed to be a bonus and a cool extra and that you don’t “have to”
collect everything in the game but to those of us who do collect, its a bit shady.

I can’t even being to tell you how much I wish I had the $50 to dump out just for this skin.

All part of supporting a game that isn’t a AAA title… I don’t mind it

I don’t mind supporting the game, I love the game, I’ve already dropped about $100 on it. But I hate when companies piece out DLC like that and bleed completionists and collectors. Fable III was terrible, I had to buy a controller, a player’s guide a Novel and several other non-game related things to get all of the DLC. I never thought KI would take part is sketchy business practices like that.

So, um… What’s it look like then? Is it even worth getting?

I don’t think it’s been shown yet.

This is on mobile, so I hope it works, but here’s his color 10

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Looks amazing of course, I don’t have the $50 at this time of the year to drop just for a skin…

Already a thread discussing this skin.

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