Likely one of very few KI players without sight to manage this

Relatively recently, I fought and beat Boss Shadow Jago… for the second. However, this time, it was with Fulgore and I had Simple Background Music Player as my in-game soundtrack

I’ll happily edit in/repost the first time I fought Boss Shago as well if there’s interest.

Just thought I’d post this here as I didn’t really expect to be able to win as Fulgore after the first few fights with Boss Shago and I don’t know of anyone else without sight who plays KI and has managed to face and defeat this secret boss not once, but twice, with two different characters. :smiley:


Not bad! :thumbsup:

Way to go Sightless, you fought the uphill battle and won, like a boss. Shadow Jago has a lot of advantage over Fulgore so it’s extremely difficult to fight him even normally. Awesome news.

Nice now try and do Gargose if you haven’t already.

Believe me, if Shadow Lords were accessible without sight, I’d do just that. But I can’t as of the current time.