Light/White Orchid

Just curious, I mentioned this in a previous thread that was a request for Broccoli Aganos. Why limit ourselves to Shadow characters? It made sense for Jago but why not use a different spin if we do another special character? Why not White/Light/Enlightened Orchid? Or Maya? I say we play around with the concept of spins on existing characters.

For this topic we discuss a possible spin on Orchid that goes in the exact opposite direction Shago went in. A character that has been enlightened to the point of becoming a conduit of light rather than being possessed by shadow.

I welcome others to create their own threads with unique spins in characters, as “Evil/Dark/Shadow” Characters are really common.

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I’d prefer Shadow Orchid over this, if only because I’d rather steer clear of playing up some problematic notion of “feminine purity” implied by giving the female character the light treatment instead of the badass Shadow treatment.

EDIT: Also, a “light” alteration doesn’t seem to immediately slot into established canon, for what that’s worth.

Yeah, the female purity thing would be a bit of an issue but honestly at this point it would be a matter of convenience and not really a gender thing. If we made an enlightened male character someone would say we should have went with a female.

As for canon, it wouldn’t be that hard to create an Enlightened Orchid, I mean her brother is prone to possession and he’s a monk. He could easily teach her about meditation and spirituality. Hell it could lead to another Omen-like character for Season 4/KI2, an Angel maybe?

I mean, it’s not necessarily that it’s a “gender issue”, so much as it is this really stale, played-out stereotype, and I’d like to think that MS/IG creatives have more imagination than that. (fwiw, I think that’s why it’s a “gender issue” in the first place: instead of giving the girls interesting roles, you’re giving them “the girl”, “the pure girl”, “the manic pixie dream girl”, “the slutty girl”, “the femme fatale”, etc. Instead of having interesting characterizations, they’re being characterized by how they relate to men specifically – and as a result the characters suck.)

That would be very confusing to their explanation that she is unstable and borderline psychotic and trying to control her firecat

I really doubt this will come to pass. Doesn’t even make a bit of sense, actually.

Good luck, though…

I do love the idea of Tao Feng’s Divinity guesting she seems to be what is suggested

Actually, her lack of control is precisely the reason she would benefit a lot from meditating. That’s kinda the point, Jago spends all his time as a Monk but becomes corrupted. Orchid should go the other way, like a Yin Yang.