Light Gun games of the past

I used to love light gun games (started with Duck Hunt and Hogan’s Alley on NES) but they’ve all but become extinct. Ironically this is due to the modern TVs we now have that don’t rely on flickering interlacing lines. Reflecting on this, it kind of makes me sad to see that we won’t have another House of the Dead or Time Crisis (two games I loved in the arcades and then later at home).

Then there’s this little rare gem:

I know the genre is nice and it had a little resurgence with the Wii but it’s just not the same without the accurate aiming of a gun peripheral that is designed specifically for the genre. The Wii remote also isn’t true 1:1 motion so it always felt off.

Hopefully there’ll be a market for this with the whole VR thing, as long as it feels natural… imagine a Walking Dead arcade shooter/ melee combat game in VR! Now that would be pretty neat!

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In case you’re wondering…

…yeah. So far, it’s for the arcades. No word on a console release.

Other than Time Crisis, I really want another House of The Dead, which takes place after the events of HoTD III (since it takes place at 2019). There’s still a few loose ends yet to be uncovered like…

  • What does AMS stand for?
  • What happened to other characters like Gary, Harry, Amy, and the like?
  • And most of all, who is this “Mystery Man”? What are his motives and intentions? Why does he treat Curien and Goldman as if they were his friends/children?
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I hope we get a house of the dead too. And with the success of RE7 maybe we can get one. Even better if it was on VR

Those and Crisis Zone as well as Virtua Cop :wink: :slight_smile: