Level 4 enders animation toggled off at EVO

I dunno if it was already knew, I apologize if I’m creating a repeated tread. Anyway with the 3.1 rolling out I asked Mr Wizard about level 4 enders at EVO and this was his response

I know lots of us like the animations, but I definitely don’t, and I’m very pleased I’ll not watch them while I will stream monstering EVO.



Time to celebrate!!

Oh well, if they want to neuter the aesthetic of the game who am I argue.

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There is a god, and his name is joey.

Kinda saw it coming a mile away with the backlash when cinematic enders were added.
It’s not that big a loss as those flashy cameras were just casual entertainment at home and didn’t really serve any purpose in the tourney scene.

Level 4 Enders or not, someone is getting bodied. Lol

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I think the opposite. It’s the tacky new level 4 enders that neuter KI’s aesthetic. They are too poorly produced as they are right now.


Very glad to see that confirmation. Some of the less movement-heavy enders didn’t look so bad with the ‘cinematic’ enders, but overall I much prefer the look and pace of the game without the fancy effects.

I’ve found that only people in this forum had a backlash to the animations. I like em, anyone I know or talk to, including the Facebook groups, are fine with the endets if not like em.

I really don’t see what all the crying is about, I think evo is a platform for audiences entertainment than legitimate sport, so for entertainment sake, the enders would have helped gain a larger viewing audience. But whatever, as usual the complainers are louder than the satisfied, and therefore confused with being representatives of the whole :confused:

The old version that we played for 2 years and liked (before this new version, for only 1 month) is a neutered aesthetic?

I could see if maybe the response to the change was universally positive that it would be a step backwards to change it, but it’s clearly divisive, affects a viewer’s experience, and I don’t think anybody disliked the old way.

The “crying” is about the messed up juggles after the animation and the poorly way they are made… They are clunky, cheap and overall ugly. Few of them are nice, let s say ok. In the end is a matter of personal opinion , and any opinion should be respected, talking about crying for another point of view is not nice.


Its just my opinion, I don’t expect people to agree with it.

Generally I tend to lean towards enjoying a game the way the devs intend it to be played, new VFX, UI and balancing intact. Maybe I’m just a little salty because all of the childish “toggle” complaining post season 3 but frankly it was getting out of hand. I mean, I don’t see any toggles for the new lighting system or the ability to play competitively on the training stage but because that’s the aesthetic the devs intended us to go with I don’t argue.

I dunno, the enders look pretty awesome and are obviously how they wanted season 3’s upgraded visuals to look. Being excited that we can nullify the work done to “improve” the look of the game just seems silly. Again, opinion.


Dont bother anything or slow the game down whats the issue

not to mention i land my post level 4 kim wu stuff pretty easily, doesnt bother me. I just really think this community hates change. Anything changes, everyone is up in arms (many times the same people) instead of learning to roll with the punches. Whatever, in a free market complainers always win.