Level 1 Thunder?

So this one caught me completely off balance at first.

Level 1 Thunder, level 3 player. Figured this would be quick and pitiful…

And then he absolutely trashed me. Not with fancy combos or flashy hard to block nonsense but with basic fundamental stuff.

Frankly whether he’s smurfing or not I was honestly okay with running into him. Showed a lot of my weaknesses without obfuscating the mess.

Only watched the first match, but yeah, many people (not saying you in this instance) seem to think that KI is all about the combos, but controlling the neutral, and having strong fundamentals are the base of what you need to win.

I wouldn’t say he’s smurfing. If you look at how he’s playing it’s nothing but sweeps, heavies, and grabs. He also dropped a lot of combos. You never really combo’d him yourself so can’t see if he knows the breaker system but I’d say this is most likely someone who comes from other fighting games, took Thunder into training mode for a bit, and then hopped online.

That’s another possibility I thought of. The way he played spoke heavily of streetfighter.

Yeah I think so too. Maybe he/she was an avid SF player and decided to play KI and his/her skills just carried over.

That guy was definitely a Street Fighter player. That’s pretty much what I was doing when Season 3 launched and I grabbed Tusk.

Always nice to see a Thunder crush someone :stuck_out_tongue: