Let's work through our backlog of games

Like we did end of 2016, let’s clean up our backlog in April. A new challenge!!

Anyone care to join me for a simple, challenge? With the year coming to a close, I aim to work on my backlog of games.

The challenge simple:

  • list one or more recent titles that you haven’t been able to finish up until now (Quantum Break, Dark Souls DLC, SFV Survival mode, lol, anything…)
  • report your progress here as you work towards completion before December 31st :fireworks:
  • on Jan 1st feel satisfied after completing 5% of your 2015/2016 backlog of games. You’re allowed to gloat :smile:

No pressure, you can bail out anytime. just have fun together!!


My challenge is to complete at least one, but hopefully two, of the following four games during the next 3 weeks!!

  • Witcher 3 blood and wine DLC (XB1)
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider DLC
  • Darkest Dungeon
  • Witcher 2 (PC, not really recent, lol)

@BigBadAndy care to join this challenge?

All of my Steam games that I never played…

List one here and let’s go for it!!!

My challenge. Finnish Metal Gear Solid 4 and Metal Gear Rising on my PS3

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Oh shoot… I’m out of the country for another week, but I will give this a whirl.

I picked up Recore and kind of got stuck so I’ll put that one down.

Likewise I barely touched Doom.

Cool thread idea.

  1. Recore
  2. Doom

You just made me remember this gem. I think my ps3 backlog is even bigger. Good luck! Post your progress :slight_smile:

I didn’t buy any FPS this year for the same reason I made this thread: I would never be able to play any of them this year.

Good luck with Recore (too)!

I’ve been working on my backlog for years now! XD


I still need to beat Battlefield 1’s campaign, so that’s on my list, fo’ sho’!


Xenoblade Chronicles X
Forza Horizon 3

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Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate

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Okay, I’ll try this! I’ll be on winter break for about a month.

Enigmatis 2
Uncharted 4
Infinate Warfare
COD 4 Remaster
Fallout 4 (third play-through)
Skyrim (Special Edition)

[- / 7]

I may end up dying from an overdose of games


That’s quite a list there :smile:

I just finished a few story missions of both Witcher 2 and Witcher 3 B&W.

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I would like to finish Quantum Break, and the Fallout 4 achievements. I love to 100% games. It just sucks when games have unrealistic achievements.

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I’m going to ambitiously update my backlog with things, guaranteeing that I won’t make it through:

  1. Doom
  2. ReCore
  3. Castlevania, Sympony of the Night (bought this again on the black Friday sale for like $4.00. Why would Konami stop making these when the DS games were like printing money?)
  4. Sunset Overdrive (I still haven’t finished this thing. I can’t play in front of my kids because of the language and humor, and although I love so much of the game, the little “defend your overdrive factory” scenes are aggravating so I keep quitting when I get to one instead of bothering to beat it).
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Now I think I will add The Last of Us (lol) to my list…

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I’m working on:
-Skyrim (will be my inbetween game, dont expect it to get finished before another few months)
-Titanfall (started it up for the first time today, would like to finish the campaign before newyear)
-unlock some more achievements for KI and play some more SL and SL (Lords and Labs)
-Lying around are Tomb Raider and Quantum Break, Which I really want to try.

  • I have Star Wars Battle Front and ARK which I still want to take for a serious spin. Ark was bought a while back, but it still has terrible framerate…hoping the official release smoothes things out tremendously, because the way it is now cant really be how they plan to release it right? That would be too bad, because the game has lots of potential, its a hard game to get started though…they should have a kind of tutorial aswell…too bad they are focussed more on expansians than smoothing those things out…

Anyways, lots to do (and dont get me started on series, comics books I still want to read…

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As long as it’s not my backlog on Steam. :sweat: That to-do list would eat me alive and I’ve got a lot of things to do this month anyway.

My goal is to finish off Dishonored 2 and Titanfall 2 since I’m mostly done with both campaigns. I also want to get through Hyper Light Drifter, which I’ve been putting off for quite some time. Maybe I’ll get ReCore if there’s another sale and start that.

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Considering Crash Bandicoot is coming back on PS4, I’ll probably just do a playthrough of all the major titles before it comes out. (Or just the ones I own anyway…)

-Crash 1
-Crash 2
-Crash 3
-Crash 4: WoC
-Crash Twinsanity

Maybe even the two on GBA just for fun. (Big Adventure + N Tranced)

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I kinda agree. They were a little tedious, but it was a nice challenge to figure out your best traversal path to clear out the hordes. If you want to just push through it and move on in the story, get the Hairspray Launcher with the ammo drop Amp and you can clear the entire game with ease.