Let's talk Music; Calling All Musicians!

Hey guys, just thought I’d make a thread for all of the musicians in the forums. Whether you pursue it as a hobby or you do it professionally, this is a place for us to come and discuss the ups and downs of being a musician.
Feel free to talk about gear, influences, styles, theory, touring, producing,playing, writing, singing, critiquing, whatever comes to mind!


Might as well go first, since I started this.
I’ve been playing guitar for about a decade now, though I’ve only been professionally trained in theory within the last year or two since I started college (apart from stuff in early middle school that got me started). Otherwise, I’m mostly self taught and play by ear. I’ve even been writing my
I primarily play guitar (and as bass by association), though I do like to dabble in percussion, keyboards, and hopefully Cello.

I own a B.C Rich Bronze Series Warlock that I picked up at a pawn shop, along with a Recording King acoustic and a bright green Dean Bass. I play my electric wares through a Peavey Vyper, a mostly digital amp with a lot of different effects that I picked up for cheap. I prefer Earny Ball Hybrid Gauge strings

I play and write heavy metal, but I try to take inspiration from a wide variety of genres including blues, electronica, punk, and of course video game music. At the end of the day, of course, metal is my first love, so I try to follow on the footsteps of bands ranging from Black Sabbath to Godsmack, from Deicide to Metallica, from Immortal to Judas Priest, anything I can get ahold of.
I’ve yet to start a band, as I don’t know many other musicians in my area and/or don’t have the motivation or time to find them…part of why I started this thread really. Needed someone to talk music with besides the occasional music major. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, now that I’ve told my story, I’d be interested to hear yours, dudes!


Well, since this thread is looking a little lonely I will chime in.

I took piano lessons as a kid - was pretty good, and then promptly quit and forgot everything as a teenager. Ended up playing trombone in the school bands, including a pretty decent high school jazz band that actually had a few paying gigs here and there. Went to all the all state bands etc. Went to college and tried to keep playing, but as a biology major couldn’t really keep up with the kids playing music all day and ended up drifting out of it. Gifted my trombone to my brother (music major). As a grad student really missed out on having a musical outlet, so I bought a keyboard and tried to get back into that, but just couldn’t. Eventually a college buddy and my brother convinced me to get an acoustic guitar and now I’ve been playing that for ten years or so. Still strictly an amateur (if it consists of G, C and D I can play it - and approaching 40 I don’t expect I will suddenly acquire new skills). I have a cheap Yamaha F335 which somehow sounds way better than it should - in one of those freak accidents that seem to occur in guitar making. My brother built me an electric guitar, which has more sentimental value but isn’t a great instrument. No lessons but I can pick through some Christmas carols and these days most of what I play is anything soft enough to strum as a lullaby for the kids. All they ever want to here is Country Roads and Let it Go (you make sacrifices when you have a 4 year old girl - but god help anyone who has to listen to my singing). Still, gives me something to do to relax and my kids are young enough that they think I am the greatest musician in the world.

As far as my taste in music it’s somewhat eclectic. I tend toward country but like big band jazz and classical. Plain old rock and roll from the 60’s, crappy 80’s music and some of everything between then and now. I find I like what I like, and have no time for what I don’t like regardless of the label so I can rarely keep the radio on the same station for two songs in a row. Big fan of orchestral movie scores, which I think are underrated as modern classical music. A movie without a soundtrack is nothing. Musical pretentiousness of any kind makes me nuts. I don’t see why you can’t like silly pop songs, and frankly some of the best music in the history of mankind is neither complex nor difficult. It’s still good. Frankly, I don’t know that physical challenge has much to do with musical quality. I’ve never heard anything better than Amazing Grace on the bagpipes or a brass quintet playing Pachabel’s Canon and I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t like 3/4 of what Taylor Swift puts out. I’ve learned to admire anyone who can play guitar better than me (which is everyone). I really got into Zac Brown’s first three albums, although I admit I’m not in love with what I’ve heard from the fourth one. Big fan of Mumford and Sons, although apparently they are too hip so I’m supposed to hate them.

Not to be confrontational at all, because musical taste is highly personal, but I admit I just don’t “get” heavy metal, even though I suspect that will make me a pariah on a KI forum.


No need to worry about musical tastes here, Andy. I understand that metal isn’t for everyone, and like you I try to branch out into other genres to find whatever sounds good.
Always interesting to hear about others’ experiences. Sorry things haven’t worked out quite as planned, but at least you’ve found a way to make people happy with your playing, even if it’s just within the family. :slight_smile:

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I shred pretty nasty on a triangle.


I play a mean Harmonica.


I played the viola for 7 years. Went to State Finals in Texas one year for Solos. I taught myself to play some songs on the piano and guitar based off of pitch. I’ve always had good ears for perfect pitch. I can’t read their music though, only on the viola.

I haven’t played though the viola in 8 years now but want to get back into that plus the guitar and piano to pass that on to my 2 sons. Only concern I have is I amputated the tip of my left ring finger back in 2013 in the oil field industry and it’s very sensitive to the slightest touch still. I feel like I won’t be able to apply the proper pressure on the strings while paying either the viola or guitar without some pain or discomfort. Also, I no longer have good hearing anymore either. I’ve been needing a hearing aid in my left ear since the age 20 thanks to the Marine Corps but the VA system sucks so I’m no too sure how/if I will still be able to differentiate pitches in certain octaves anymore.

This was the exact same and last piece I played at State Finals and last time I touched a viola except we had to play it from memory.


In all seriousness, I used to play bass guitar, though I wouldn’t go so far as to call myself a musician. I never managed to learn proper notation, and my left hand is not dexterous enough to properly form chords - so I essentially played walking bass based on tablature.

While I didn’t consider myself a musician, it was a lot of fun.


Ah, another musician who uses their ears. Excellent…
Although, it is unfortunate to hear about your predicament.
If worse comes to worse, it might be possible to do what Tony Iomi did. If I remember right, he put leather prosthetics on the tips of his finger after a factory accident, and loosened the strings on his guitar a bit to make it more comfortable. I’m not sure if that would work with the viola, but it might work for guitar…
Only wish we could get you a hearing aid for you to help with tone, get you back on the strings again. Always a shame to see a musician lose their ability to play.
Best of luck, TexAce

@xSkeletalx Don’t feel too bad about using tab. I’ve met professional musicians who don’t read sheet music, and I couldn’t do it myself until last year! Most important thing is learning how to play and having fun with it.

I’ll be honest though, I play a bit of Guitar! I learned from a friend and took some classes on it. I used to be good, but like TexAce, If you don’t use it, you lose it, and I feel like I’m slowly slipping away. It’s been aa LONG while since I’ve played a guitar. I love to listen to music and try and play it back by ear as well! But I find myself creating beats more, kinda like a DJ. My dad was a pretty good Freelance DJ, so II have that rhythm that some people don’t have. But, maybe I’ll get back into it. One day. :slight_smile:

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This is beautiful. I hope one day you can play this again. Don’t give up!

Another thing you might consider is trying a classical guitar or a guitar with nylon strings. These are much more comfortable on your fingers than the steel strings. There are advantages and disadvantages (nylon strings need tuning more often and don’t play as loud), but nothing that can’t be overcome.

Well I have been playing for 27 years. I’ve been in several bands over the last 20 years…played many a shows with semi big acts such as Goatwhore, Eyehategod, and others.
I play guitar but also can play drums, bass of course and vocals. I am the main songwriter of all the bands I’ve been in and the leader.
I also have my own home recording studio which I bought in 2005…its a Korg 16 track digital station. Im not into PC recording too much even though i know its come along ways since 2005. I like to have the faders and knobs at my finger tips, not into the mouse and screen faders.

I recently released a CD for Fall of Seraphs… had a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the artwork and packaging. You can purchase a CD thorugh me if any one is interested… you can check out a few tracks here…

My other band is Mercurial…its more in the vein of DEATH, Morbid angel, …Florida death metal.

Mercurial has been basically disbanded since 2009 when Fall of Seraphs began.

I was also in another band that toured the southern US in 2009 named Cancerwhore…dont let the name fool you…we were actually pretty bad ■■■…the drummer went on to be in Vital Remains for a few years.

Marshall JCM 800 Stack purchased in 1994

BOSS GT-8 guitar pedal processor

Jackson Randy Rhodes USA RR1 gun metal grey

Jackson Dinky 7 string from 1998 (1st 7 string Jackson made custom shop, short run in the late 90s

Schecter Damien (Prob my favorite guitar)

Dean Dave Mustiane Rust in Peace VMNT

Chuck Schuldiner Stealth BC Rich

Ovation Stealth black acoustic “Tangent”

Yamaha Fret-less bass ( Sounds amazing)

1969 Fender stratocaster (Inherited from my dad, bought in 69 pasadena california)

Korg D-16 digital studio

Alesis DM-10 electric drum set with Alesis extra input add on, and Surge cymbals
Demon drive double pedals

Dean Dimebag Darrel Lighting bolt (cheaper version, not the neck though)

I think that’s about everything. :smiling_imp:

Check out my bands links if you have time, and if interested in any of the CDs or demos, I sometimes ship out for free…just ask!


If Tony Iommi could do it after loosing 3 finger tips and go on to create “Heavy Metal guitar”…you can do it too!

there is absolutely nothing wrong with using tablature…nothing… i dont read music and i can out write and shred just about anyone that reads music theory…not bragging…just saying…reading music notes doesn’t mean sheet… either you can play and write great songs or you cant

Do you guys have any songs about that guy who ate the homeless man’s face while on bath salts?

A bit off topic, but I’m looking forward to the new Rock Band game in a couple weeks, it allows me to “play guitar” and pretend I know what I’m doing! I’m glad we get to keep all our old DLC songs, hopefully we get all the songs from the previous 3 game discs as well.

LOL…no… Most of my lyrics are about the oocult or Necronomicon…not really into gore.

Id def like to try out the new Rock band and guitar hero games…i had all of the old GH games …even the Van Halen one…which was pretty good!

I’m an amature producer, I play 6 instruments: Guitar, Bass, Piano, Ocarina Flute, Violin, and Drums. I like pretty much all genres of music, except country (Sorry but I just can’t get into it). I don’t know what else to really say lol

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I’m super happy that @Fwufikins created this thread! Nice to know we’re among musical peers in the KI community.

I’ve been in and out of bands my whole life. I play guitar, I can properly sing, OR I can make scary noises like a monster/animal. I enjoy playing and listening to many forms of music, but I always seem to find myself in Metal projects. I play a bit of bass guitar too, when called upon to do so. I can also program drums/synth/generally work within a few DAWs/VSTs as well.

My main project had a decent run from 2006 - 2010; we then suffered some serious setbacks (the nature of which I can’t really discuss publically… let’s just say we had a lot of things stolen from us) and took some time off. We all re-formed in 2014 to write new music, but we’ve changed the band name, and the sound is different (though still in the “metal” hemisphere).

We haven’t released any of the new music yet; however, if you’re interesting in hearing the album we released under the old band name in 2009, you can stream the whole thing here (without having to buy it from Nuclear Blast):

When our new band releases some tunes, I’ll be sure to post them here. In the meantime, you can check out some of my drummer’s projects; he’s currently playing with Fear Factory, who just released a new record; he also plays for a NY Death Metal band called Malignancy, whom you may or may not have heard of. He was also System Divide’s drummer for a good while.

More about my good friend Mike can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Heller

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The best kind of noises :laughing:
Good to hear you’ve found some success. Congrats to your drummer for getting into Fear Factory! I’ll have to give your group(s) as well as @FallofSeraphs76 a try

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