Let's Talk About Rank Reset

We seriously should have the ability to reset our Rank. We shouldn’t be able to do it often, but maybe the devs could give us the option to spend our KI currency on a reset.

A while ago, I made it to Gold Rank Status. I know, nothing special. However, I haven’t played in a while and I’m trying to get win ranked matches achievements with characters I hardly ever play. It’s pretty much impossible for me.

Anyone know if they are planning to reset the ranks when Season 3 hits? What are your guys thoughts on Rank Resets?

My take on this is that we’re currently in “Ranked Leagues Beta,” and although they haven’t released any information on updates, resets or changes yet, they’ve been taking in feedback for several months, and I suspect we’ll see changes to Ranked, and a reset at the point where it leaves Beta. I’m in a similar situation that you are, and a reset would certainly help with unlocks. My personal hope is that we will eventually be ranked differently with each character, so I may have a Killer rank Thunder, Gold rank Sabrewulf, but Bronze rank Orchid since I don’t use her.


Having characters in different ranked brackets is actually a crazy good idea. Can’t believe I didn’t think of that. I hope they implement that. Nice work!

Totally agree with both a rank reset option and ranks for each character, would be awesome. Would settle for a rank reset though, got to gold early on and it seemed too easy compared to not being able to move off the bottom of gold rank :angry:

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