Let's talk about matchmaking?

I want to share with you guys, ideas in order to improve the machmaking of KI.

I honestly disaprove the matchmaking system of KI. I’m from South America, and We play against people from North America too, and I think I spend a lot of times looking for matchs sometimes, it is boring.

In Tekken 7 the matchs became “infinites rematchs”, the first 3 match has the ranked value, and after You play these 3 matchs, You can rematch infinite times if you want

In Injustice 2, nowadays to win in ranked match, You need to win 3 match, who win the 3 match first, is the winner. Sometimes you win 2 matchs and the opponent 2 matchs, the match becomes 5 fights to discover the winner… I dont know how to explain it in english, but I think You can understand the idea haha

But I need to say something to you guys, this matchs in Injustice 2 and in the tekken it is NEW, in the last patch in tekken 7 and in the last patch from Injustice 2, they did this improvement, because they saw that people need to play more than spending your times searching match

If you’re interested in running longer sets, I would recommend doing Exhibition instead. I suspect not very many people would opt to play super-long sets in Ranked if given the choice.

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Another point, in injustice 2 who is losing can change the caracter

In ranked gold and up vs another gold an up is best of 3 like you are talking about. Just play Exhibition though, you can rematch an infinite number of times in that mode. Also after the match, both loser or winner can change character.