Lets clear something up because I'm a lil confused about Ultimates

Is an Ultimate like an Ultra combo which it can only be done if your opponent is in danger and you’re still on your first life bar?

Or is an Ultimate like Shago’s special move that does lots of damage that’s available only when you pop instinct? If that’s the case, then Fulgore already has an Ultimate with his big Laser Beam.

The first one you describe

As you first described an Ultimate is a finishing move that can only be performed like an ultra when your enemy is low health during a combo. However you need to still be on your first life bar, hence why it says “ULTIMATE” after you defeat someone with one.

The move you’re describing lastly, is just a command grab that happens to share the same animation as his ultimate.

Not exactly the same. The ultimate animation has more hits, most notably the last, and slightly different camera angles.

Well yeah basically. The instinct move uses Shago’s Boss ultimate animation and now his “new” ulitmate has more hits, etc.

The Ultimate’s on the original KI 1&2 could be done no matter what life bar you were on. And they must be done mid combo just like an Ultra.
Tusk’s Ultimate combo was the SHEEEEEEET!!!

Look that up on youtube if you havent seen it! I hope IG throws that in to S3!!! OMG that will be amazing!