Let's Bring KI Back to Wednesday Night Fights

If enough of us SoCal guys show up to WNF we can bring it back, that is what me and wonderchef did with MKX at WNF, it may not be huge but it is there, even if it is BYOC, I know there are some KI players in SoCal, why not come by and play KI? I know it may be a tall order but i thought it might be doable, I know KI’s Netcode is godlike but im of the mind that nothing can truly match that side by side offline experience, no lag what-so-ever, just you and your opponent, and i find that playing offline gets you way better way faster. but that is just me. hopefully there are enough people that are near LA to do it, or hell not even near but willing, I live in Santa Barbara and try to go to WNF every week for MKX and guilty gear. and that isnt exactly a short drive. anyways I just hope we can revive Killer Instinct at WNF, because damn it KI deserves to be bigger than it is

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You should talk to Valle and ask if there is a possibility you could load up KI on some of the Windows 10 PCs there. That way, people will be able to use their own sticks (since nobody has a XB1 stick anymore except dedicated KI players), and I’m sure some new people who are just chilling around the venue would be down to try the game.

You should also maybe ask IG/MS if you can get some codes for the ultimate edition of S3 to load onto some of the WNF PCs. I think this is a great opportunity.

Also, Sajam is a WNF regular so I’m sure he’d love to get on board with this. Even if you don’t have regular tournaments at the start, just having KI available to play and check out at the venue will bring exposure to it.


Wow, i never thought about asking him to load it up on the windows 10 PCs, that is insanely smart, it might take a while, but i have a lot of faith that KI will get more people hooked since it has some of the best mechanics out of any fighting game i’ve ever played, how would i go about contacting IG or MS for the codes if it starts gaining traction?

Well, one way is to tag the @developers (like @rukizzel and @TempusChaoti). Guys, would you be willing to provide WNF with a handful of KI ultimate edition codes (I dunno, 5 or so), to help expand the growth of the game in Socal? They might not respond but worth a shot.

In the meantime, you should ask Valle (over twitter, probably, and tag Sajam in your tweet as well) if KI can be loaded on some of the PCs if you gave him codes to do this. I don’t know how the PCs are arranged at WNF but it seems like a reasonable request to me.

If Valle says yes and the devs have still not responded, we can start bugging them on twitter.

The most important thing, IMO, is showing the game running on PC. People will be much more willing to play if they know they have sticks or pads that will work on it. If you have Xbox One setups, people will just be like “oh that’s cool” and not actually play it, because a) their own equipment won’t work so they’ll have to borrow, and b) they’ll just think “well I’m not gonna buy this game anyway, so why bother”. Being on PC is a lot more inviting to sit down and try it.

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what is your twitter so i can tag you and give you credit for the idea of it being on PC

It’s okay, I don’t need to (or want to) take credit for the idea, since I don’t live in Socal and can’t attend WNF. Just run with it yourself! Hope it works out.

I miss an offline/online tournament bracket mode. Maybe it can be a mode in this game maybe? Please?

I’m down and i live nearby. PM me with the deets!

well offline bracket modes arent really used in offline tournaments since they get in the way more than they help

YES! KI is so much better offline. I’ve gone a couple times to WNF and KI was there like twice since season 3 lol I’m down to go more often if KI is a regular there :slight_smile:

I just talked to Valle, he said they if we bring our own consoles then we can do it because they only have one console with season 3 on it. I have it on pc so unfortunately I can’t contribute to that.

You can always lug your PC in.

Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but since KI is a free game (in it’s own weird way) they can install it on as many consoles as they want. But to play the full game, they need an Xbox Live ID to open up the “full” S1-3 game for two players. Even if you have it on PC, if there is a console available you could use your login to open up the game. Am I wrong? I am an Xbox owner who also plays on PC, so I don’t know for certain if PC players can open the game on an Xbox.

No response from the @developers on getting some codes to run the game at WNF? That seems a shame. I think the PC version makes more sense, but with the definitive edition coming next month it will be $40 to open the full game on a console. That’s not a ton of money.

If I’m not wrong, the initial condition of signing in to S3 with the Xbox One before PC was to ensure your purchases were backed up, so if you did that you should be fine.
And if you bought the entire game on the PC version first then you created a new save with your purchases so as long as you sign in with the same account, you should be fine as well
Lugging a PC around may not sound like the best idea, but give it a shot if its possible.

Again, I think playing on the PC version of KI at WNF makes the most sense, because if you’re trying to get new players to give the game a shot, they won’t do it on Xbox. They wouldn’t be able to use their own sticks, and they “know” that they’re playing on a console they don’t own. If they play on PC with their own equipment, it’s a lot easier for people to get hooked, I think, knowing they could probably get the game a lot easier.

Also, the PC version has lots of nice features, including virtually instant load times, etc.

It’s just a matter of how the PCs are set up at WNF, which I have no idea about. If the devs did give you codes, could you just… install them on a few “set” PCs that won’t move around? Or if you come back next week and try to play on the PC located at the same place, will it be a different PC and therefore not have the game ready? Is WNF even allowed to play on any PC they want while they have the space booked for WNF?

I really want to see the @developers give WNF at least 3 full S3 game codes. Exposure to one of the biggest locals in the US is worth this, and much more.

I’m from Santa Barbara lugging my pc 100 miles isn’t a very good option for me, especially when I’m also always bringing my ps4 and a bunch of people who bring their consoles for their games. ACS I’m not sure about the pc to Xbox thing I don’t have an xbone so I’m not sure how that works lol but i might be willing to drop money and get the game on their PCs using my money if the devs can’t do it which if completely understandable, KI might have to be on both pc and xbone at WNF though, that way new players can still come on in and play