Let us change characters in a multi stage fight

So lets say I put Jago and Orchid into a fight against mimic Fulgore and Cinder. So say I get kinda wrecked on the first fight and Jago is left with 10% life after beating Fulgore, I would like the option to stay as Jago or switch over to Orchid so Jago doesn’t die.


That would take some difficulty away, the point is to throw 2 characters at your fighter.

I would like for the second fighter to just jump in after the first is beaten, since going back to the menu’s is time consuming and kind of pointless…


I think it’s a reasonable request, since by switching to the second character, you’re guaranteeing that you won’t be taking on some other mission that you could’ve otherwise. There’s already a mechanic the game has in place to punish players for using multiple characters on a single mission, so killing one doesn’t seem particularly necessary.

I do agree that it is anoying that it has to go back to the menu every time but I think thats because it can only load 2 characters at a time.

He wants the team MK mode

I also get nervous when we go back to the match up screen because i keep thinking they’re going to sneak in some extra health on the opponent

Dialogue purposes. And probably something else.

I support this idea. The game has to reload anyway even if you’re fighting the same character.

I kinda like the idea but if it’s like a multi-team fight you character should also switch in.