Learning Basics Should be Mandatory

Like before anyone can select an online match they need to go through a short tutorial. That way we don’t have beginners jumping into fights and not knowing at least how a combo is constructed and how to combo break. We need to welcome them to KI with some knowledge. How many times has any experienced player entered a match and your opponent just hits air and never blocks or just keeps jumping and pressing the same button and rolling the pad or sticks? Sometimes this results in inappropriate hate messages from them because they think they were actually fighting and thought you were being “cheap.” Then they’ll never play the game ever.

Just a short mandatory partial dojo mode that includes combo making, combo breaking, blocking, using shadows moves, and Instinct. Then they can figure out the rest later. I know combo assist is there but in my opinion, that really doesn’t teach how the game is played.

I always tell new players to try out the dojo and practice mode. Even the ones who rage at me. Hi everyone.

I disagree. Some of the best learning comes from fighting and talking to other players. Plus, making the tutorial mandatory might actually turn away some people who don’t want or care to go through with it. As it is now, the game offers a wide variety of options without forcing anything on anyone. It’s a win-win. Do it if you want; don’t do it if you don’t. It’s simple, elegant, and very welcoming - which is what people seem to like as well as what the devs want. It helps get more people involved in the game, not less, IMO.


Wouldn’t really change anything. Even games with mandatory tutorials have people running around with no clue what they’re doing.


Just a very short tutorial that they can quit anytime. But won’t have the option to go online until it’s completed. OR at least some hints rolling across the screen before a fight starts. Hints on transition screens have helped me with different games.

lol. ive played games where I did then tutorial and forgot a lot, because there was so much to take in. If the mandatory tutorial is short and simple, I think people would at least remember something important.

I don’t see why this is an issue for you. If anything, I welcome peeple who dont know what they’re doing. It usually ends up being either:
A) an easy win, or
B) a teachable moment.

If you would like more of a challenge, which is completely understandable, go into ranked or sign up for some tournaments. :wink:

It’s not an issue to me. It was an idea to help new players that I occasionally meet. I don’t have any problem finding tough players. Btw I am a Qualifier, I was a Killer for 2 years and I just didn’t feel like doing that all over again. I sense that in a lot of level 50 Qualifiers who used to be Killers. Went up to Killer twice, first time got reset for no reason because of probably a glitch or bug, and second time was reset because the devs reset everyone for the new season. I didn’t feel like doing it a third time.

I just question whether forcing them into something they may not want to do is actually helpful… I’m sure it can be, make no mistake, but I don’t think it should be a requirement. In other words, it’s fine as is - if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Besides, if this was an actual thing, you’d probably start seeing angry forum threads being created here that go something like this:

“I paid for this game and I can’t even play it online yet until I go through this stupid tutorial!?”

It would also depend on how much of the tutorial they are forced to go through before they play online…too much of the advanced lessons could be a deal-breaker for someone just wanting to get online and mess around. I mean if you get it into the juggling or manual lessons, those are pretty tough for a beginner to get through.
Something that might be a better solution would be to have a pop-up window suggesting they run through the tutorial appear once they get to something like 5 or 10 losses with little to no wins, provided that they haven’t already gone through the tutorial. It would in essence achieve the same goal without putting up a deal-breaking roadblock.

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Well then it isn’t really mandatory then, is it?

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It would be mandatory before allowing the player to go online, but they can quit anytime and play single player or other non multiplayer modes. So yes, still is.

But what if I know how to play because I played a lot the game at a friend house, I buy the game, and do I have to do the tutorial?

Anyway, a tutorial doesn’t guarantee learning the basics. And even when you know them, does it matter? If you go directly to ranked without learning the game mechanics… well, its your decision. You can’t decide for other players

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All I can say is not every single person will have the same learning experience. Btw
If someone played at a friends house it shouldn’t be an issue doing the tutorial again, sure they can play local with each other but I am talking about online fighting. Anyone can sign in with their own account on any Xbox One, do the tutorial at their friends house…if the xbox owner is willing to allow that. That way once they get the game themselves they won’t need to do the tutorial again. Plus it should be a really short tutorial. Maybe even a 1 minute tutorial.

A 1 minute tutorial wont teach anything meaningful


It’s a very well intentioned thought, but if someone is the type of player who just decideds to jump online without even bothering to try and figure out what they’re doing, I’m not sure a mandatory tutorial is going to make much of a difference. I’d say if you encounter an oppenent who clearly has zero idea what they’re doing, reach out to them to see if they’d like any help. Good way to meet new people and grow the scene through goodwill. If they’re a jerk, that’s their loss.


I can see this being really tedious for some people. We can’t just force people to learn. That’s something they gotta do for themselves.


I can see the point of this for team games, but what happens if someone goes online to play KI without understanding the game? Free wins for their opponents.

If you look at fighting game tutorials, in general they all start with walking, dashing and blocking. Most of us don’t need that, but you can’t have a tutorial that doesn’t include it. The best you can do is make those things available to people who want to make use of them. Preferably in a chapter format where I can skip “jumping” and go straight to advanced mechanics.

I’ve been playing more exhibition lately and have run into a number of these type players. I try to let them figure things out and I try to instruct them on how to do things. Usually they have combo assist on on so they are blowing out combos often so I start by telling them how to properly end a combo and what the KV meter is. But yeah I sympathize with people who just want to play and figure it out, tutorials are often really boring and time consuming. I typically try to skip them.

Here’s the deal, there are two types of people. One set are those who want to honestly learn this game and whatever character they have chosen to use. They’ll go to the tutorials, look for stuff online, watch videos on said character and then go into practice mode. You don’t need a mandatory tutorial because they A. Already know the basics. B. Will seek out Advanced info anyway.

The second set of people are those who don’t care about any of it. They just want to jump in and mash buttons and make something look pretty. Enforcing a tutorial won’t help them anyway.

The great thing about KI is that it has plenty of resources in game to help those who want to learn to play this game. They just have to take the time to do so.

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