Leak Thread in need of deletion. (Participating violates the ToU, and could result in a ban. Click at OWN risk.)

Real or fake, discussion of leaked content is a violation of the ToU that you agreed upon when signing up for Xbox Live, and will not be tolerated here.


That guy was the biggest troll ever with so-called stages and ‘shadow orchid’ & an ARCHER etc

We will probably see more with Mira’s trailer soon

I have removed it, but I don’t understand what’s wrong about that, since you can find the information everywhere on the web…

Remove this NOW. It breaks the Terms of use to talk about leaks, and you can be banned for an indefinite amount of time.

Yes, but that does not matter. No leak discussion is ever allowed on these forums. That includes a VERY broad range of discussion topics.

This is really the basic rule you need to follow:

-If a post idea is ANYWHERE NEAR related to a killer instinct leak, real or fake, do not post it, or discuss the rule behind posting it. (That means dont even ASK why you are not allowed to post it. Dont even come CLOSE to discussing it.)

Everything you need to know is in the “Terms of Use”. But if you dont want to read it, then just follow the rule above.

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As he said Lecter.

No “leak” discussion on the forums. Closed.