Last two characters of season 3

One can only speculate who the last two characters of Season 3 will be.

Speculation 1

The last two characters will be Eyedol and Gargos. Obviously really unless Ken Lobb (who has stated that he hates Eyedol) influences IG not to put Eyedol in the game.

Speculation 2

I believe that MS and IG may be secretly working on nine characters instead of eight. The ninth and final character would obviously be Gargos while the 7th and 8th characters would be a new character (that’s not a guest character) and Eyedol.

Thoughts anyone?

-Edited to remove talk of the theoretical leaks; real or no, it’s not allowed here. -xSkeletalx

Talking abiut leaks

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ahahahahahahhahhah lmfao

I never mentioned names.

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You don’t mention the leaks at all. Plus

  1. Sorry. I haven’t been on the forums in a month.

  2. What’s that picture supposed to mean?

Speculation 1.

I want to say one of the characters will be a Rare guest character, evening out the guests in total. 2 Rare guests, 2 MS guests, with the final character being Gargos.

As for the 9th, if it happens, could be anyone. Though I would prefer Eyedol over someone like Shadow Orchid.

I’m really hoping speculation 1. Those were my thoughts as well

I’m not sure why they are ditching a stage per character but I’m hoping they are focusing on a 9th playable character and Gargos as an unplayable boss character. Char 7 and 8 totally brand new.

KI: Kim Wu, Tusk, Vampire, Gargos

Guest: Rash, Arbiter, (He who shall not be named), Joanna Dark.

extra: alt.Orchid

Hoping the last 2 characters are the Warlords (Eyedol & Gargos)

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Still holding out hope that Eyedol is in, even if he has to be bonus character with half hearted accessories and colors.


I forgot about the Shadow Orchid…I really really hope it IS NOT SHADOW ORCHID. that would be a major disappointment.

If Eyedol, Gargos and another New character gets passed up for Shadow Orchid or Shadow Maya…thats gonna be lame IMO

I really hope its Eyedol, Gargos, Mayas sister, New character and bonus character


@TempusChaoti can you confirm that we’ve managed to secure licensing from J.K. Rowling? I’m excited to see what you guys have done with Voldemort’s move set, though I heard his Avada Kedavra move is a bit OP.


Considering he can kill anyone except Potter, and Potter isn’t in the game, he is, in fact, unbeatable.

He also creates and buries you in a mound of salt when he does so.

Also, you have to rush through an incredibly complex series of inputs on the select screen to choose him, and only one player can play him in a match at any time.


Not to mention you have to unlock him by finding the 7 secret Horcruxes hidden throughout the Season 1 stages to unlock him, I don’t think we’ll be seeing him in too many matches.


Lmfao at work.

9 days later and the Devs troll :joy: