Last stream got me HYPE

I have to say that the game looked FREAKING AMAZING in the last stream. Loved the UI changes, love the purple shadow meter (makes sense), and I really love the idea behind the level 4 enders.

I think that if they make the camera transitions more fluid for the L4 ender and fix some selection animations the game will be in perfect shape for launch… and I’m SO READY!

Great Job IG/MS the game feels absolutely fresh!

2 weeks are damn to long, right people?


Agreed. It all looked great to me. LOVE the select screen.

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Yep, it’s so hard to get a L4 Ender these days… I think the payoff is well deserved. People saying it kills the flow of the game are insane. If you get hit by a CA in SFV… you gotta wait and watch a big chunk of frames… nobody’s complaining.

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People complain about things with zero perspective. A level four ender is actually pretty rare. You may see one or two a match and frankly this effect just doesn’t slow the game at all. Way less annoying than an MKX X-ray or a SFV Critical Attack. Probably not going to show up more often either.


All it takes is one lockout and one can easily get to lvl 4, they aren’t rare at all.


I dunno… when I play higher ranked people, I rarely see them do a level 4 Ender unless they get a lock out or a Counter Breaker. I know, in respect to my own play style, that I use shorter harder to break combos over riskier high damage ones.


You have to get an early lockout and even then usually allow a second break chance to get a level four ender. Watch the stream - they weren’t even averaging one per match.

If we’re being completely honest, those playing KI on stream really aren’t very good at the game

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Doesn’t matter. Higher skill levels let fewer break chances go by. In my experience, if you get a level 4 ender you have earned it.

People are acting like the screen goes wild and we get a five second animation. It’s nothing - it takes less than a second from start to finish.

Of course you’ve earned it, I think the new lvl 4 ender animations are jarring and in their current state don’t add any ‘hype factor’ and actually detract from the presentation of the game but you and I are just gonna have to agree to disagree on this.

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Let’s just wait until we actually play the game before casting judgment. I’m sure that if it is TOO jarring or becomes a problem they’ll change it, just like they changed the “hitstop” animations a few months after S2 hit. I remember us all being a bit annoyed at the wonkiness of the hitstop and how awkward it felt.

Getting back to what I said earlier, most pros that I’ve played don’t attempt high break risk combos over shorter harder to break ones. I main Sadira, and she excels with shorter mid damage stuff. The only time I’ll go for high damage is IF I get a Counter Breaker or a lock out while I’m in Instinct. As they say, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

And that is how you give constructive criticism. Thank you for this.


As a Riptor player, I totally agree. I generally go for 1-2 chances to break during my combos, unless I can push them in range of the corner to get a wall-splat, or if they lockout on my first manual.

Thanks man, trying to keep it professional:P

I agree but more than likely they are gonna release this feature without cooking it in the oven a bit longer. it needs refinement but not to the point where it needs 3 months development.

it’s nice they can implement this aria tech into different places of the game without too much work. I mean level 4 change screen opacity, the camera work probably needed black magic but half the stuff was already coded into the game or recycled is a better term I think

Yeah, before they couldn’t use different camera angles because the stages are not designed to be viewed from every angle possible. That’s why the screen goes black. I like the fact that it’s not just plain black. I would keep the smoke effects but I would also place some kind of indefinite ground floor on which the character’s shoadows are casted. Like it is at the moment they seem to be floating in space:P

Those are my 2 little suggestions for it:

  • Smoother camera transitions

  • Some kinda dark matter mirrory ground floor for the character’s to cast shadows on

I’m sure it will turn out great no matter what though:)

I dunno man. animations don’t just get better without redoing them completely. either the data for the frame is there or it isn’t. maybe they can compile frames -0 ,1, and 2 and make sort of an effect of smoothness. I’m not sure what the side effects are of doing that tho.

I just think the level 4 Enders don’t seem to hit hard enough really. that’s my biggest complaint.

Did anyone else notice the screen also go black when Aganos activated instinct during the stream. This was right after Sabrewulf performed a level 4 ender on him. On the archive stream it right around 16:40 or so. It seems to be a bug because it doesn’t happen when other characters activate instinct.

prolly just a bug

At least each time we see a build of the S3 build it looks better than the last time. Looking forward to launch :slightly_smiling:

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