Last gen arcade stick

My new appreciation for Killer Instinct has gotten me interested in using an arcade stick, but I quickly found out how expensive top tier ones are.

I’ve noticed last gen ones on either console can be found much cheaper. So I’m very curious to know if there’s any disadvantages to using a last gen stick, and if not, are there are any issues with using a Cronusmax aside from lag concerns?

I hope this question is appropriate here I’ve never posted before. Thanks in advance.

Well, if you’re using an Xbox One, a fightstick for the 360 won’t work on it.

If you are using a 360 fightstick on PC, I’ve used mine to play SF4 on PC, no real issue there.

If you are playing fighting games on PS4, some games support PS3 fightsticks, and some don’t.

So if you are playing KI on the Xbox One, old Xbox 360 fightsticks aren’t compatible, so it would be a waste of money. I don’t know about the PC version’s support as there has been some mixed reports of them working and not working, which more or less probably varies due to setup, and since I don’t play on PC, I can’t help you much.

Saw players with a razer for 360 with Cronusmax . They didn’t seem to have issues. The design is pretty nice.

From what I understand, Chronusmax may or may not (I’ve heard both) have a tiny bit of extra input delay, but does have some weird per-use setup to go through. I have been told that Brooks converters do not have either, they’re completely plug’n’play. While I would love to be able to confirm any of this, the post is very late w/ my Brooks converter, so I’ve been playing w/ my 360 sticks on PC and gazing longingly at my XB1 while I anxiously await the mailman.

Cool thing - you can get a last gen or offbrand (like Mayflash, if you have small hands they’re amazing!) stick and shell out an extra $80 or so (which would be more-or-less making up the difference), you can snag a Brooks universal board pre-soldered. Then, for maybe an hour or so’s work, your stick can be compatible w/ XB1, X360, PS3 & PS4 (unsure if it accounts for GC or Wii). Pretty slick.


Get an adapter and it will be fine. Id you get cronus max you can set up in tournament mode. From my experience i have never felt a delay when playing.

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The brooks converters are cheaper, don’t require specific setup involving a console controller and if they induce any latency it’s less than a frame. I use a PS3 stick to play KI in Xbox one.

The tradeoff is they only work on one specific console and to convert one specific type of peripheral (360-X1 for example).

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