Last Days Of Season 2 ~ What character do you think stood out the most?

Well, the Hype Train has 2 more days until its destination for Season 2 and then it grabs more people on board for Season 3.

For Season 2, what character do you think stood out the most and why? Not just because of how they play and how they are statistically better than other characters in gameplay but also how their backstory runs etc.

Personally, I think Hisako stood out of her own story and gameplay, even though I really was only hyped for Riptor, Cinder and Aganos but her story was sad, her parents died right in front of her by soldiers, and she still hunts them today, and about her gameplay, she gives Tusk problems according to Keits and that she can do so much by just using a naginata and her ghostly abilities.


Kan-Ra. Why? Because Everyone hates to this day.


Aganos. I remember his reveal stream. My mind was blown when they showed that you could punch people through the walls.
Kan-Ra is close second.


I think that’s a testament to his character design though. We all love to hate him, and that’s a good thing.


ARIA easily. Her backstory was so awesome. For someone who isn’t human she cares for her sheep. But she’s also not afraid to rough them up a little if they step out of line or need to be guarded.

The way she evolved from a simple yet complex program into being that is so inspiring.

“Why do I care? Because I am their Shepard, and they are the unhappy sheep.”

She likes to read, watch movies. Almost like your hometown girl…except 100 times smarter and…shiner. Not to mention giving you an ■■■ whopping if you were unpleasant. <3

I mean she could’ve just went “■■■■■ it, humanity is getting enslaved. I’m joining with gargos.” But deep down…she really cares. Even if her ways are…not gentle.

Humanity’s savoir., It’s what we need.

As for gamepaly, where do I begin? Let’s see…well I love it. The only thing I don’t like (outside of the bugs) is that she has a DP motion…which I hate. But I love her bodies. It’s like I have (which I do) the most powerful being at my fingertips.

Her voice is ecstatic, love her dialogue “The world cannot rely on you.” Then proceeds to step on you like dirt. Get stomped.


Omen all day.

Jokes aside, I remember being so intrigued by Aganos! His design, backstory, his moves. I was mindblown watching his Gameplay Stream, he was such an intrestinf character for me.
However, Cinder takes the top spot. My jaw literally dropped when I saw his teaser in Hisako’s trailer! I remember even getting popcorn and sitting up til 1am to watch his gameplay stream. To this day I still think they remastered him PERFECTLY!

In my opinion, Aganos and Kan-Ra are some of the most original and interesting gameplay designs in a fighting game to date.

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It’s Still okay to like omen


I think people were most interested in Aganos, but people hated Kan-Ra the most so he was mentioned a whole bunch.

Kan-Ra, Aganos and Hisako::

Kan-Ra: I remember the slow character art reveal, it was pretty exciting. Kan-Ra was also the first brand-new character by IG and his moves and unique gameplay are just very cool. I am not a Kan-Ra player but I think he made a big impact to KI in general.

Aganos: Oh man, do I love the golem. Aganos is perfect. His design, character background, moveset, balance. He was the first character I got to level 50. Very hype character!

Hisako: I like her design but I think playing with her is just not a lot of fun (in my opinion). She has not enough moves (only 1 shadow linker) and overall not a lot of tools. Still love her, even though I don’t even play her.

Kan Ra and Aganos.

Kan ra is quite a success, very cool bad guy, cool gameplay even if everyone ■■■■■■■ about it, very cool design very cool voice acting, very cool story… I Like him.

And Aganos, cause IG got balls with his gameplayn and they just made it the right way. I think it’s the mos relevant colosseum i saw in a fighting game. Plus awesome music and awesome stage, perfect.

Hsako is cool, but i love her music above all.

Aria is fun, but, not top.

Omen and Shago are not mu cup of tea.

Everything about Kan-ra is amazing!

I’ mean he is hard to play/master but I LOVE him!

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Jago and Omen.

Maybe because of the original KI, but Jago certainly has the qualities of being the main hero. More so, he is the face of KI along with KI.

Omen, because he is leading in the main antagonist and counters Jagos good will and intentions. Also, he introduces Gargos even questions his own fate making it seem like Omen is destined for more.

On a opposite side, what i loved in original KI is alothough Jago is basically the ryu of the game, he’s not the hero, role which is finally filled by orchid who slain eyedol. Seems to be quite cool and innovative.

Kan-Ra, Hisako, and Aganos definitely have a solid lead it seems. I can’t blame them. All of them are newcomers to the series, and already their chemistry is awesome. They’ve got unique gameplay, awesome lore, Killer designs…
Though I still like Sadira’s double jump :stuck_out_tongue: and the characters that use meter in different ways like Fulgore, Omen, Maya, and Shago are all pretty neat in general.

Aganos showed me what Iron Galaxy is capable of designing, both in terms of character visuals and gameplay mechanics. Cinder on the other hand showcased the evolution of KI into alternate playstyles that benefit from extended juggling which was later cemented by Shadow Jago’s inclusion.

Hisako and Aganos I love them so much. Especially Hisako there’s not many Longhair characters these days( even Bayonetta got a hair cut)

Hisako, her teaser was the best IMO. Plus I love her stage.

What about Riptor? She came before him, and by all accounts, was designed well…




nuff said.