Lag Switching/rant

I don’t know if anyone else has notice this but I feel like a lot of matches i’ve played recently have had moments in which the game would be perfectly fine and then the moment my opponent is in trouble the game gets laggy. It’s been happening a lot lately. I faced a fulgore earlier (i won’t say who) and if i landed this combo he would have died at no point in the match did it ever lag and another time earlier it happened again and it’s happening too often now. Is anyone else finding problems like this because if you are please vent out your frustration here if you need to.

There was a time in wich i was going to fight a spinal, we went to char select and chose the stage. But when it reached the loading screen the game wouldn’t load. It stayed like that for 15 to 20 minutes until I gave up on those points and reset my game. Never saw him since.

The game has been noticeably more unstable lately, though my own experience could be because I was twitch streaming and taking up bandwith.

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i know the loading screen usually takes awhile but 15 -20 min i would have have been upset.

i think honestly the game has been more unstable lately

i think the game could use a bit of work on the netcode, but sometimes its just way way too fishy. ive had a few fights where i am getting my ■■■ kicked and everything is good. my fighter is responsive, my inputs go through as i expect. but then i turn the fight around, i start coming back from the dead. i unleash an avalanche of revenge on the opponent’s face then all of a sudden im lagging? his stuff continues to go through or the game “skips” to me eating a lock out or a counter breaker? RIGHT.

I’ve had that problem too! I faced a fulgore and that described basically the whole match

For a fighting game the entcode is better than most others. But I admit even I get occasional trouble. But I’m willing to blame my net connection on that. :U

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Never knew it impacted the game. I was aware that once the connection lost the ability to reach either player it would simply disconnect rather than allow either player to maintain some type of network host advantage.

Originally yes but i think they’ve changed it now because lag is more noticeable and will freeze the game for a while and then bam it’ll start back up and you have to hope your combos or moves went through

Hmm odd, can’t say I ran into this issue. Want to try hosting a game against me and me host a game against you? Maybe we can figure out if it is connection or intentional.

it might sound awkward but where r u. Im located in socal

I’m in Colorado, so relatively close.

I doubt it would have problems with you. I faced someone in new york and another guy somewhere in the uk

I can’t even get into matches anymore for some reason

that may be a console problem, internet problem or game problem (not in that order) best advice hard reset your console or re-install the game

a “common cold” of online competitive gaming, right next to campers, modders, and glitchers. i wish there was a game that could easily detect a lag switcher ( just a thought i know this would be next to impossible to do or cause trouble bear with me now), like if a player were to lag or have spikes like high to low connection repetitivley for a specific amount of time ( basically a " get your $h!t together bro !!!" system if you will), if failed to connect properly in that specific time frame, like 10 to 15 seconds the match is declared winner to the guy ( or team) that didnt lag continuously, or just kick the specific lagger out of the game into next month.

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I like the idea of being able to track lag switchers but it just can’t happen

I agree I don’t know what it is but my hands have been laggy lately also and it’s never been that way before.I play with a wired connection fyi

me too! I’m wired to my router so it shouldn’t really be laggy