LAG began to occur in August

LAG started to occur suddenly before STEAM version release information came out.

Please refer to the above video.

I replaced the SSD and home router for troubleshooting.

But the problem is not resolved. What should I do?

Sadly since May, I’ve noticed a LOT of lag during online matches, whether ranked or exhibition, including random slowdown, to matches simply disconnecting. It happens to me rather frequently, in so much that I often get put on Probation. In all situations my network is working fine without issues.

In this regards, i don’t know what the perma fix is.


Ive noticed the last 2 weeks a lot of LAG when there is a lot of stuff on screen…like when Omen does his ULTRA and when he does his Demonic despair. The entire game slows down… I dont believe it has anything to do with connection.
I need to test out in single player