Lack Of Colors, Accessories, and Costumes

We are almost into the third season of this iteration of Killer Instinct and the amount of content pertaining to the characters are abysmal. Something needs to change about this. October would be the perfect time to release a set of “Costumes” and accessories for obvious reasons. Why does it seem like it’s such a massive task to implement additional costumes, colors, and accessories into this game? The updated accessories we did end up receiving were nothing more than recolors of pre-existing assets.

Not to mention the character’s retro costumes are severely lacking in accessories and colors. Why couldn’t both the retro costumes and default costumes receive the same treatment?

The characters and appearance of said are what make a fighting game. We see the one on one interactions between the characters the most. Why is there so little value placed into the visual aspects of these characters? It would be a great way to reel in the casual audience. When I look at companies like Capcom, they continue to provide us with things like colors and costume packs because they’re in such high demand. Same with this game, ever since Season 1 we have been asking for these updates. So what gives?

Seems like Killer Instinct got a budget increase by being rivaled by Street Fighter V n prob why Season 3 is releasing around that time I’m positive we’ll see more of this by March 2016. I predict they’ll drop halloween acessories or maybe even costumes imagine Hisako covered by a white bed sheet wth holes near the eyes haha

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That would be amazing. Although in response to your first statement, a part of me doesn’t think the release date of season 3 was the best idea within that time period but we’ll just have to see how that pans out.

On topic though, it just seems like the devs don’t “get it” sometimes. You want your game to appeal to as many people as possible. You want your characters to resonate with as many demographics as possible. How do you continue to support this in a “Fighting” game? A game where you see one character battling another character over and over? It’s simple, you do things like update your characters with additional content.

We’ve been speaking with our wallet ever since Season 1, the community fund was a massive success in less than a week. People WANT to put money into this game. People WANT more content for the characters to purchase. This has been a topic discussed since the inception of the Double Helix forums and all we’ve yet to see is a rehash of pre-existing assets.

Are costumes, accessories, and colors really that expensive to implement into this game?

Um, because it is…

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lol i would love to see that for hisako XD

for me I want more colors and accessories for omen and even a retro but that will never happen. I feel that every character has good colors except for jago his don’t look that cool to me.

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What makes you so sure about that?

What makes you think that? there has been no indication about it

not only that but there’s very few accesories from those already existing that I feel are worth using. It’s not only that there’s few, it’s that there’s even fewer interesting.

The only character done right accesory-wise is TJ and his array of 70’s-80’s-90’s/ classic / movie costumes

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I certainly would not mind additonal different looking accessories for costumes. I don’t think one more would hurt. Though I the real problem is modeling accessories that aren’t recolors. That can take some time. Colors I can see them adding more to season3.

I find it sad how far out they went for Tj. He essentially has the most costumes in game, they aren’t even accessories. They’re full on costume swaps.

I guess they tried to set the standard with him but in the end they realized they wouldn’t be able to do it.

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