Kim Wu's return: No mercy, Instinct, Ultra, and stage ultra animations and ideas for season 3

OK fellow Kim Wu fans, what do you think will work for Kim Wu involving her possible no mercies, ultra, instinct, etc. Come on people…I NEED IDEAS HERE

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Patience, young hunter. LOL

I’m sure they won’t pass up the chance to reveal Kim Wu at the KI World Cup. :slightly_smiling:


We’ve had threads on Kim since 2014

I think we can move on to mira or Joanna since Kim is basically almost done

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I suspect, re-introduction of near finished Rash, Kim Wu Beta reveal, & another character’s tease, added to a look at new features to the UI and gameplay… Don’t get me wrong I do think most of this will be just a glimpse in to what’s to come, tiny snippets but I suspect they will touch all of this

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I’m guessing it could be on eof their new characters

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yea looks like it from what has been revealed, still there must be Kim-Wu tease in there, I doubt they would let this opportunity go by without giving the fans what they want