Kim Wu

Why aren’t you playing her?


But… but… I play her :cry:

Because she’s too OP and I feel cheap using her.

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Because tusk is awesome.


Because she will perish by my Master Gargos hand


Because she’s not as hot as Cinder


I like Ms. Kim Wuski but I just never really tried using/learning her. There were/are others I want to learn first :slight_smile:

Like big homie Gargos

I play her, but she hates me because i make her lose.


I play her because she’s fun and I like a good footsie game.

But if I’m playing seriously, I only really use her in a few matchups. I’ve got many other characters that I know the matchups better with.

yeah I feel you LCD, there are very, very few Kims in Ranked. She’s by far the least seen S3 character.

Her learning curve sucked, though. Hard. long time forum readers may remember that the IG team never really liked Kim. Which means they honestly had no idea what good things to do with her. And it shows. She feels like a frankenstein weirdo character.

But still, I’m at a point where I feel she has decent options for every situation. I’m slowly working my up through the ranked tiers, I’ll probably start meeting you Killers in a couple of weeks. Or get stuck in gold idk what that’s gonna be like.

Well, she was most bland character from KI2, they did not have a good material to work on tbh, but they did a nice job nonetheless.

I’ll be honest, I’m terrible with her. I got her up to level 50 and I’m still garbage with her. I’m so bad at utilizing her dashes and I know that alone would make me a lot better with her. I just don’t use her move set as well as I know it can be used.

I play her, it’s just my life has been taken over by Overwatch, Hearthstone, and the occasional HOTS at a friends house. Lol

Feel the same way about Kan Ra, love the character and his design but his gameplay looks cheap to me.

I played Kim Wu for a while and got her to level 50. Really like her play style but her looks just kill it for me. She looks terrible. Moved on to Mira whom looks miles ahead of Kim. Shame I feel the opposite with Mira. Her gameplay is uninspired and I had hoped they would have used her blood in more interesting ways.




Y’know cuz reasons?

Would definitely help…Just Saying.

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@RTA07 aren’t you a graphic artist?.. don’t tell me you design on a mac…

Mira does look better but her gameplay is too stressful always losing grey health, I just can’t cope, lol. And most of Kim’s outfits do look terrible but thanks to supreme access to retro color 7 and her spiky outfit… well that saved her. But she is in serious need of some graphic modding. desparate need.

lol what?


ok why else would she be pushed back to S3?

Used to for a few years until switching back to PC. o: why u ask?