Kim wu looks like garbage!

First of what is up with that personality, she sounds like an American teenage brat. Her outfit stinks, she looks like a freaking hooker. Gee thanks a lot Iron Galaxy. Also what is up with that theme song? Just what we need a crappy anime pop/rock song. Sounds like junk for 5 year olds. You game developers are loosing your edge fast try again! Now her home stage, how do we go from a roof of a dojo from a far off land to the freaking Korean Projects in Seoul.

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Wow man, you won’t get much of a positive response from your totally negative and unconstructive post.


Now take note children, this is not constructive feedback.


Damn bro relax remember it’s a reboot so they reimagined her and she looks pretty cool no longer a female jago, also remember how orchid used to be a peppy female fighter that would flash her titties at her opponents and now she’s a serious bad_ass it’s the same thing.

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Just in case you’re not blatantly trolling here…

I think her stage looks awesome. I know it’s somewhat (slightly) similar to Chun Li’s SFV stage and that’s unfortunate, but I think the lighting, the little touches here and there, and the overall aesthetic are pretty awesome.

I’ll take the neon style over another dojo/temple in the mountains considering the fact that we already have one of those for Jago and a relit version of that for Shago and Omen. Did we really need another one?

Okay… Don’t sugar coat it. Jesus. I’m sure her retro will be more like her previous look and less like a “hooker.” Though I’m not entirely sure where you’re getting that from since she shows less skin in her new outfit then she did in her old one, but whatever, to each his own.

As for the rest of your comment… I’m sure they’ll take your thoughtful and informative feedback in to consideration. I mean seriously, “you game developers are loosing your edge fast try again!” Is that directed at all game developers? Tighten up guys! You’re too loose!

Seriously man, maybe reconsider your approach here. You don’t like something, that’s fine. But maybe consider talking about what you’d like to see or how something could be improved rather than just keyboard farting about it. Unless that’s your goal, in which case, enjoy the stink, I guess? A bold idea here, I know, but developers are people too.

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Normally I’d move this rant to OT, but there really isn’t anything more to say.

Unconstructive post is unconstructive.