KIM WU confirmed. Now lets repost all that fantastic fan art


Love it. Most a of these would look great as an alternate , do you guys see them totally giving Kim the modernized approach, like x-23 or teen titans for her default?

Both costumes can’t be ancient Korean.


Looks super cool! You never did finish that kim and jago pic you teased btw lol


Heheh yeah xD;;; I wanted to put thought and meaning into the pic. Kinda wanted it to look appealing as well Haven’t forgotten about it though :smile: .

Though since Kim is confirmed and all, part of me wants to wait for her full reveal while the other part of me just want to let my creativity out on the pair haha~


Haha yea I see what you mean. Well either way, can’t wait to see whatever art you draw up!


This is beautiful!



Sup Red Awesome pic!!! I hope they use some of your ideas!


OMG, I never knew I wanted wendesday as a KI fighter until I saw those concept art pictures. She should wear a red scarf that holds her head from falling. I can’t remember which horror story is the one with a girl wearing a scarf holding her head in place.


lol I drew just because I love her =D

Wednesday would be really cool for the cast of KI, fits :stuck_out_tongue:


Firstly, love the fan art especially the fire hair! I am very afraid of what you are going to do with her once S3 drops and she is playable. Ki Hype Train keeps on chooo choooing along! So excited and afraid at the same time. You better believe once we find out more about Miss Wu I will be studying the character not only to play and enjoy, but to also wreck you with my girl Orchid…one can dream right :smile_cat:


Look guys & girls! New Fan Art!

If this is similar to Kim’s design, I’d totally be happy.


Oh my. :blush:
I’d like a Starfire alternate to go with that too.


Chibi season 3 set number one lol



Orchid chibi from the double helix forums I did for fan art
look at fire kit! Lol


Found on web


Here is another fantastic Kim Wu art piece



That’s AMAZING artistry


Amazing the attention to detail is incredible :heart_eyes:


ooo awesome!

Haven’t seen this fanart yet until now :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing~!!


Resurrecting this old thread with another cool Kim Wu fanart I found.

Name of the artist is Edwin Huang.


Man…Kim Wu is so cool :smile: