Killgore costs more on xbox one than pc

So i was just checking out his price, to my amazement he’s £8! so the 3 new characters will end up costing a whopping £21. seems a bit mad given we get entire seasons of 8 chararacters for about £33, or even S123 for only £30 for 24 characters with the definitive edtition :confused: but I noticed that its about 50p cheaper if you purchase him on PC rather than xbox one. what’s up with that?

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well… based on how James goddard was defending the 10$ price point with its for the community fund. Its safe to assume the other two will probably be 5$

Damn. He’s actually $10. Guess I’ll just have to pass on this character until there’s a sale. At least I can fight against him.


for the last time: It’s to help get KI to evo. I can understand how you feel but even so. I’m hyped. Hopefully the community will be as good as they were when Shago was made into a real boy!


Yeah its a little steep fro a rehash, community fund or not.

Did you consider Shadow Jago’s community fund steep for your standards?


I payed for Shago’s fund simply to pay for Shago’s development.

I already payed $60 for the day-one gold card for his skin.

Also the Shago fund gave you 7500 “free” KI gold, making the price more reasonable.

This fund isn’t funding anything in-game so having to pay the extra $5 is a little annoying.


I did purchase shago, but I had some free credit from MS for that, but having already sunk about £100 into Ki, i find another possible £21 or £8 + £4 + £4( if the other characters are only £4) a little steep. especially when all the Ki content keeps going on sale not long after releasing. Those of us that have sunk this sort of cash into a single game, and lets not kid our self this isn’t something like EVE online it’s a fighting game. We more devoted of fans could get a little compensation, Maybe a discount, he’ll even otherwise unobtainable costumes would be nice. a sort of “own all” thank you.

Pretty much this. This is how I’m feeling about this whole price point. I understand community funding but this isn’t the right way to do it. They’re just locking a character behind a paywall to help fund other players which means if you don’t give hide nor hair about tournaments (like me), you’re essentially forced to pay double.

Even if you care and want to donate, you’re still not getting a good deal as Arc’s $8 characters are more unique than this.

I’ll buy him eventually, just not anytime soon.


I wish they wouldve just used like the Terror Skins or any other skin pack to use to fund the tournament and not lock it behind an actual playable character. MKX did it better with their very optional subzero and ermac reused skins and for $2.

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A community fund shouldn’t be tied to a playable character, its crap

Fair point, I see you’re more on the side of the character and the offerings it came more so than the competitive scene, which is fine.

No doubt, in time, the price will be reduced, and the character will be $5 (or your country’s equivalent). Microsoft wishes to assist with the funding of the following KI Ultra Tour with the assistance of their tournament app and such. While you may not wish to participate, then wait. Your perogative, but the competitive scene does appreciate your contribution, should you choose to assist.

Lol I was about to head out and get a $20 XB1 card until I realized I had 15 still in my XB1 wallet from when I bought S3 way back in March. Feelsgoodman

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MIcrosoft wishes to drain people of their wallets by unnecessary inflating the price of a character when this could and SHOULD have been tied to a skin pack.

I really do support tournament stuff, even though it doesn’t effect me in the slightest. I know its a big thing for the game and its future support, so I’m happy to help but its a little frustrating being forced to donate against your will if you want the character without some sort of compensation like Shago’s fund had.

Its like going to the grocery store and being asked if you want to donate $1 to wigs for orphaned clowns only to be told you aren’t able to buy your groceries if you say no. I mean yeah I want those sad little jesters to have their big poofy wigs but not being able to choose if I want to support them makes me want to shop at a different store.

Maybe if Kilgore’s price was normal or offered more in return and they were using part of that to fund tournaments instead of literally doubling the price so they don’t loose out on any money, forcing a donation… Then I see in the stream as we’re talking in this thread that he’s only got one accessory set and the $10 price point is looking even less appealing.

Maybe if I could spend my gold I wouldn’t care as much but for some reason my currency bought with real cash is worthless in this game.

Thats my problem, with Shadow Jago, even though I didn’t agree with it, it wasn’t just the character, it included more stuff to try and justify the price, kilgore is just kilgore, no ki gold, no extra character, nothing, its laughable. I have supported this game since day 1, but I won’t be buying him until he is priced fairly, or in a bundle that is fairly priced with the other two characters.


Actually its not just nothing as you state… Now dont get me wrong, im not a fan of how they are doing this funding behind a character but you arent seeing everything here and are kind of in a blind rage. The character actually has accessories and a full list of colors and such. Shago has colors but nothing else. Complaining about it on the forums many times over is not going to make them say “hey guys, jpraelster93 doesnt like our community fund model for kilgore, we probably should change that to what he wants.” No, they arent. They are going to keep it so that it funds the tourneys and then as time goes on and the tourneys end, the price will drop to $5. Hopefully they are only using Kilgore for this model and dont do it for the other 2 characters coming. If they do, then sure, lets riot… or at least leave a small blip of complaints and vote with the wallets that we have.

where did this idea come from? there’s literally no evidence that its for evo

All I can really tell you is how I feel about it, and frankly I feel bad. With Shago, you got like $20 worth of KI gold and there were cost benchmarks to make him a real character. It was sort of a telethon atmosphere and KI was still wrapping up Season 2 with an uncertain future and we all wanted to send the message that this game should be supported. It felt different. I bought three copies - for me, my brother and my nephew. And I felt good about it. The support of the tournament scene was just kind of a pleasant bonus.

I have $10. I’ve purchased 2/3 of the (frankly overpriced) skins already for $10. I don’t regret it because it’s a totally optional choice and I’m happy to support the game’s future. Hell, you guys all know me - I’ve been accused (more than once) of being a MS shill. And I’m going to buy Kilgore. But I can’t really defend a $10 price point for anyone that wants Kilgore, regardless of what noble charity the money goes towards.

I know this is completely unfair to throw back at you, but does the competitive scene really appreciate it? I’m sure there’s some great guys out there but I mostly see 20 somethings with a terrible attitude. I feel like I’ve been defending the game FROM the competitive players for most of a year and am now being forced to give them money if I want Kilgore. You reap what you sow and some prominent voices out there in “the scene” make me actively NOT want to support them.

With Shago it was one of many things in a worthwhile package. With this, it’s a $5 tournament tax on Kilgore


I’ll DM you, branches off topic.