Killers Cheating to Win

Of late, I’m running into people who are abusing “lag” to get wins. These matches aren’t laggy in general, but mysteriously lag out at crucial points, such as you are about to do an Ultra or cash out on a combo, and then magically become lagless if they get a lead. I had two different Killers do this tonight. One was a terrible Orchid. I destroyed them the first match. We start the second match as soon as I do a cross up, the match slows to a crawl. The next thing I see, is half of my life bar gone. They got a significant life lead and no other lag occurred. I wind up beating them back and as soon as I’m about to make the kill, the match lags out again. They take the win.
The issue happened on the second match. Any time they were losing, the match would start to lag, but become magically fine if they were winning.
I had the same thing happen during a Shago match. The player was a classic Shago fire ball spammer of whom couldn’t break a combo to save his life, YET he had a star by his name. I learned the hard way that if things didn’t go his way, the match would slow to a crawl. I unmuted myself and threatened to turn him in, and magically all lag disappeared.

I simply don’t understand this. What’s the point to getting to Top 32 if you didn’t earn it? It’s not like you’re getting money or anything. When I see a Star besides someone’s name, I expect a certain quality of player and I expect to have the fight of my life, not face a clown who has to rely on a lag switch to get a win.

I’m grateful that most of us don’t cheat like this, but still its stupid. What I’m not happy with though is the fact that I can’t block these people. Even after blocking their Xbox Live ID, I still face them in Killer. Is this the way it’s supposed to work? I do report these people when I have time, but if I can avoid playing against a cheater I would be much happier.


I have seen this as well. During several matches, as I’m doing a combo, always right after they’ve locked out, the game will be hit with massive lag which prevents half my button inputs from registering.
Bad lag should punish the person who is lagging, not the one with a good connection.

Well actually you get KI world cup qualifying points for being top 32. And if you qualify you’re in the money so technically…

Ah yes, the lag swticher: The Bane of any competitive online mode. Always looking for top spots on the leader boards but never improving their skill for competitive play; thirsting for hollow victories won by their abuse of money and technology to compensate for their social ineptitude and general incompetence.

Honestly it makes me cringe.


So why did UA Flash have to last chance qualify for WC but he has 6 pro stars? I thought that was strange…Tex Ace hasnt won any tournaments and he had already qualified based of Ranked points.

It was based of placement in the top 32 as well. I think first place got like 60 points and second and third also got good points but anything from fourth down only got one point.

True, but you still have to compete. Some of these people are terrible, and then I’ve seen some 2+ star players lag switch to protect their ranking in the top 32. It’s sad that people can’t just play the game to have fun. :frowning:


Yeah but Flash was in 1st place and Tex ace was like way lower…every month both were in about the same ranking. Maybe Tex ace had won a tournament or something?

How can anyone choose when to have lag?

Very curious about that

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Generally there are a few ways to do it, but the primary method is a Lag Switch. A crude one is relatively inexpensive to make. Get an ethernet cable and a cheap light switch. Cut part of the plastic off of said ethernet cable and cut one of the wires. You then connect each end of the wire to each end of the light switch. When the switch is "On’ it completes the circuit… no lag. Want to lag the match, just switch it off. Circuit broken and creates a lag occurance.

You’re gonna run into laggy matches. That’s a given. You start a match and the whole thing crashes, its a bad connection. Or the match continuously has broken frames. Again bad connection…

However, if the lag happens at specific times and ONLY at those times, I start becoming suspicious. If its just a person’s connection you’re going to experience lag no matter what is happening on screen, however if the match only lags when you connect a combo or about to perform an ultra, this isn’t regular lag, its somebody manipulating the match.

Again, I rarely come across these people, of which is cool, but when I do the salt flies.


Turn them in using the xbox reporting feature. These guys will be caught and banned. End of story.

Where are you located man? The few times we’ve met in ranked matches, the games were pretty laggy and I’m pretty sure we were even disconnected a couple of times.

Whoa, that was very insightful. The more you know…

It’s incredible people would go these lenghts just to win…

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I’m actually in Oklahoma. :slightly_smiling: I think the last time we played thought there were issues on Xbox Live. There were lots of disconnects.

Thats when you know some people can’t take losing I have one of the worst records ever but I’m gold and never came close to killer tier but i would never do all that just to win and honestly I played a guy that was a killer last week and the same thing was happening but I didn’t think about it

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This should be as easy as recording the match and sending to IG. If a gamertag gets three confirmed matches of cheating, IG should ban them from KI.

@TheKeits @TempusChaoti Is this possible?


Being a Killer means nothing anymore. Having a star doesn’t mean much either other than you’re dedicated to the game, not necessarily amazing at it.

Still, cheaters shouldn’t be tolerated no matter what rank they are.


I beg to differ in regards to Killer not meaning anything. At the very least it means you’ve achieved a particular skill level. I just got to it recently, & although I have consistently gotten my butt handed to me by other Killers, any time I play a Gold-ranked player, I put them down easily, & I when I was Gold, I struggled to get through it. So the Killer rank I now have, even though I keep fluctuating between 300 & 0 points, I’m still way above Gold.

I agree. Reaching Killer is an achievement. Yes it might be a small achievement in the grand scheme of life, but it’s something to be proud of, especially if it was a real struggle to get there. :slightly_smiling:

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Achieved a particular skill level? Then how do you explain how I can beat 10% of these guys with only sweeping and counter breakers?

Look I’m not saying getting to Killer doesn’t take work, and if you got there, good job. But I can’t help but feel like it’s odd that people like this are somehow making it.

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