Killer to Qualifier Glitch

I was joining some lobbies with a friend yesterday (May 21st) and after we got kicked out of the first two he invited me to another. When I joined he wasnt in the lobby and there were two people in it. But they weren’t playing and they didn’t have a rank and mine had been reset from Killer to Qualifier. Words cannot express the anger I felt in those first few seconds. I had 7.5k points and was close to getting in the top 100 but I guess that doesn’t matter anymore. What I wanna know is if this has happened to anyone else and if there is a way to fix it. I wanna say that I’ll quit this game but I know that I will only stop playing ranked until the next reset.

Go into Ranked and your Killer Rank will show again


Ok I will when I get home later

Oooo yay problem solved. I don’t know how that happened in the first place but I’m glad it’s fixed

There’s a known issue with player Ranks not showing in lobbies. It shows up fine elsewhere though.