Killer. The saltiest tier?

Is it just me, or is Killer filled with salt? I finally made it back to Killer last night and 5 of the 6 Killers I fought afterwards either tea-bagged or taunted me repeatedly between rounds. It doesn’t bother me at this point. I’m just having fun and improving my game. I just think it’s silly to me that Killer has been far more disrespectful than Gold.

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Not in my experience. I’m always polite and normally I don’t find people who teabags and that stuff

I usually run into a lot of trash talkers and people who like to mean msg.

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Yes it is really bad. the reason why those Killers do this (what i think anyway) is they have been getting there asss kicked by better killers so when they finally get a win in… they take it out on you. Its an endless cycle…they get TBd and 2x Ultra…then they do it to you becasue they were unable to do it to the person they got them.

Its highly annoying but what do you do?

I had a close set yesterday with a guy in Ranked and he 3x ultrad me both matches he won with TJ combo… he sent me a message saying GGs but remember I won 2-1. I asked why 6x ultra? He said " You would have done it to me if you would have won!"

Wrong! So there are a lot of guys out there with revenge on their minds no doubt.

Well you probably arent loosing as much as these people that are having these issues…If you dont loose then you dont get 3x ultrad and TBd!

So to try and say becasue you are polite and in return they are polite back isnt the same scenario. Being polite to someone after the match has nothing to do with what someone does to you during the actual match.

Agreed… Being a Sadira main is like having an open invitation to nasty msgs.

See I always enjoy these posts because it makes me feel like the biggest troll in the world…which I sort of am.

I don’t mind when folks teabag me or taunt, especially if they lay them hands on me. I just look at it as part of the game. Matter of fact if you ever want to see salt, watch me play basketball. Going to derail a bit more, but I have always loved when people said Michael Jordan or Larry Bird were jerks, and that they trash talked their opponents. I’ve held on to this belief that if you were going to be the best, you had to believe you were the best, and part of that included letting others know you were the best…with your mouth and your play.

I have fought with my best of friends over things on the court, but the second we are off the court, nothing matters (unless someone got dunked on and that stays with you for life).

So my thinking on this is the higher in the ranks the more salt there is, but understandably so. No one wants to lose, and everyone believes they are (can be) the best.


Ive been apart of exactly what your are talking about in basketball. I played a lot of basketball when I was younger and it would get really intense. But… the difference was that was face to face…no cowards there. But playing online and acting this way is pure cowardly…becasue they do it knowing there is nothing you can say or do to get back at them…and they leave.

Its close to the same but not really. You know that a guy half your size isnt going to trash talk you as much as a guy online will. The guy online isnt afraid of what the 6-7 250lb guy is going to do to them if they dont shut there mouth.


In hoop it was everyone. I had a big mouth but I knew I could out-jump everyone even though I am only 6’4" and on the smaller half of the scale of players.

Having said that, I do believe that online makes things different, and there’s definitely a huge difference between the single taunt/celebratory crouch and incessant harassment like messages afterwards.

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See I can sense that if you do it its just all for fun and giggles and not to harass anyone…Im assuming you don’t play KI as much becasue you work for the game so it can get tiresome in a way…correct?

I cant imagine working on KI and knowing all the little secrets and stuff before everyone else…super cool!

Yet, they were playing a team sport. Nothing like elevating yourself on the backs or at the expense of others. Even if you are the best, it is a display of poor character and sportsmanship. It is possible to be the best at what you do and be sporting, even humble. In the end, people are almost always willing to enjoy your company.

I’m sure you and others will disagree, but you are never aware of everything someone is going through. Your friends might be able to take your actions 9 out 10 times, but that one time that friend might not be able to handle it, and you could lose them forever. Is it really worth losing friends over an opportunity to stroke your ego? Some day you might be on the flipside of that equation.

Additionally, it reaches a fine line of bullying. Are you okay with your kids be bullied because they aren’t as good as someone else at something? Is it okay for them to be verbally abused despite trying their best?

You might think that dramatic, but it happens. It happens in this community and players are isolated and lost because of it.

I actually play KI more than any other game, because I am always working. I have so many games but I come back to KI because I can play a quick match or two in 5 minutes, then get back to work.

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Wow…so lucky… I want to work for KI damn it! (pouting and throwing a fit right now) Eeehhhhhh!

You have no idea how infuriating it is to read this from down here at 5’4" lol.

All tiers are salty as hell, in my experience.