KILLER RANK who's made it?

Great advice! My scrubby Riptor is learning as she falls and stands up.

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It’s odd because the sooner you do ranked the harder it is. There are 100 of top level killers in silver and bronze who have been landing before they play.

So the ranks in the first couple or weeks meant nothing.

Your qualifying match could be vs a pro at a lesser rank lol.

Anyway guys now I’m in killer I’m chilling. Happy exploring for fun! So my arby is getting schooled by silver in the first couple of days lol.

Look out for me it might be an easy target ha

The only time Riptor falls down is when she throws herself at the floor loooolz x x x

No way ranked of for eveyone just enjoy it. See it as fun! :blush:

To be honest I felt like I was stuck at 35 for ages. Lol

Once you get going your off.

And the more killer rank the easier it gets.

I have to say my journey was long as I got ranked with allow of lower ranks and some of thoes matches were actually pretty hard lol

Tonight I went 8-2 in ranked. I figured if I can do that every night or every other night Ill be out of gold and back to Killer soon. No rush. When I rush is when I start loosing multiple matches and lots of points. I try to get at least 5 straight wins and then play till I loose…then put it down till next time.

Im still having trouble against Rash. Out of the 10 losses Ive had from bronze to Gold 8 of them been from Rash!

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That’s the problem, it isn’t fun for me I just run into too many ■■■■■■■■ online. I didn’t just quit ranked I quit playing KI online in general. If I play KI online it’s with someone I know.

That’s silly. We haven’t even played in ranked yet… you could have the time of your life :blush:

Keep going. Ranked is super competertive atm ppl are going for the kill to rank up.

Rash is a problem. He’s as annoying as he looks.

Kim deals with him pretty well. She can punish him in the air with her fly kick.

Other than that I say we just patch him out of the game or swap him for another stage LOL :nail_care:

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Well between being horrible at KI and losing all the time and running into 95% ■■■■■■■■ online I won’t be going back to ranked anymore.

So find someone to teach you. To get gold is pretty doable.

I’ve already hit my plateau so I can’t get any better and I’d rather not frustratingly grind my way up the ranks wading through the sea of ■■■■■■■■ in KI ranked.

Ranked isn’t for everyone. If it wasn’t fun for me to grind for points, or set personal goals, I’d do something different too. In fact, a primary reason I play in the shadows lab is just to practice and learn at my own pace.

Frankly, I still suck at KI. I can’t break, my execution is inconsistent (I blame my controller), and I just don’t play enough to learn what I need to know. That being said, I guess I’m a masochist, seeing as I’m playing online right now…beating my head against a wall.

This too. Lately I am being lazy and I am using a controller instead of my fight stick. My dashes are noticably slower, lol.

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Good Luck dude! :smiley:

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Man, this is tough. I’m about 500 points in Gold but lose by the slightest mistake. It’s frustrating how one tiny mistake costs you.

Glacius, Wulf and Rash are super tough for me. Especially Glacius, as a Jago main, it’s tough when they keep their distance very well.

On that note, why is Rash safe on everything!? :rage:

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He’s not - take that obnoxious amphibian into practice mode and turn the attack data on, he’s not as safe as he seems. :wink:

For now though I would refrain from trying to punish the non-shadow boots - current game state allows for a run-cancel with plus frames.

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Lol marbel for u lab eyes he’s pretty much safe on everything lol.

@oTigerSpirit don’t give up! U keep going!!! U can do it.


I played two LVL50 Rash’s on Monday - punished the crap out of half of what they did in both matches, heh.

RASH PROTIP: Don’t spam the Ram Horns in neutral. It’s basically like holding forward on the stick.

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No, spam them, so I can punish it and win :smiling_imp:

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