Killer rank dropped to gold?

My game tag is lx Triple OG xl. I was playing killer rank tier today and somehow my rank was demoted to master gold. It glitched to ultra then to master off and on. I played rank last month. What is happening to rank??? All that hard work to get to killer. Is this going to be fixed??

It’s a known glitch. There are tons of Gold Killers right now, including myself.

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Ditto here, hoping for a fix

The upside is I don’t get kicked from lobbies as much.


I worked my way back to Killer. Won a match and the lost a match and was sent right back to the beginning of Gold. :disappointed_relieved:

Not gonna touch KI until it’s fixed unless someone wants to play a set.

Same thing happen d to me

I would really like to know when this will be solved.
I don’t mind playing back to Killer once again, but at least I need to know I won’t be demoted right away a second time (like it’s happening).
@developers Whenever this is fixed please let us all know :v: :slight_smile:

The way I see it since it seems that just about everybody got dropped so I’m fighting the same guys I fought when we all had killer cards so it’s really not a big difference. I’m sure it will be fixed soon enough. Probably when the leaderboards reset next month would be my bet. Anyway I don’t play KI for a killer card anyway. I play because I enjoy the hell outta the game. See you all in ranked. My fulgore is a free 30 points. Cheers!

Add me to that list of fallen killers…:confused:

Welp. Looks like I’m not touching ranked ever again in KI according to this. Pretty terrible if you ask me.

Hey guys!

We know this is frustrating and I’ve definitely passed it along. That said, we aren’t totally sure what’s causing it. We have thoughts and pushed a fix that we hope fixed it.

Any of you guys able to give it a whirl right now to see what happens?

I would but this is me:

Happened to me as well, even though I’ve been playing ranked a couple times a week this past month. I can normally make it to Killer pretty easily at this point, but if this is happening to a lot of people then the climb is probably gonna be a lot more challenging. :sweat:

The “Time until Killer tier reset” says 4 weeks, so I’m thinking it’s back to normal for the most parts.

I somehow didn’t get hit with the random demotion glitch yet despite playing several matches this month, so I tried a few more ranked matches now, nothing out of the ordinary happened.

Thanks for looking into this!

Nope… still gold… but it does say time until killer reset 4 weeks

I’m guessing that the ones who got demoted (me included) Will have to grind again to Killer rank :confused:

Yeah anyone who lost their rank will probably have to re-earn it. They can’t just make you a killer again.

Hope not… it’s all booted killers… the most annoying grind

Nice,it will be a challenge then :sunglasses:

Seems like there’d be a record of who was ranked last month…

Half way there…