Killer rank before reset?

I was curious if it is possible if I grind Monday I could make killer league in a day? I went from silver to gold last night in 3 hours going 20-5. How much harder will it be to make it throught gold.

It all depends on your personal skill… could take a couple hours or could take weeks. No one can really tell you how long it will take to rank up.


When the ranked league system launched it only took about two days for me to reach Killer, but results definitely vary based on player skill. Since we don’t have any real idea of your skill level, or how difficult gold fights are for you, it’s not easy giving an estimate.

Is it possible in a day, yes…but you definitely need to have your A game.

I think my dedicated grind from Gold to Killer took 2-3 days, so if you’ve got the chops you just might be able to pull it off. It won’t be the easiest thing in the world, most likely. If you start getting consecutive losses, take a break.

I figured it would be a challenge but t seems like grinding silver was easy as pie my only losses were to killers soo as long as gold isn’t all killers I think with my skill I should be able to get there pretty fast. I mean in silver league I only lost I think 4-5 matches the whole time.

You might be matched up against more Killers now, but that kinda also depends on your region. Its definitely a grind, took me 2 days of 5-6 hours each, got some favorable matches.

Back when leagues first came out, gold to killer took me an afternoon. I imagine the majority of people in ranked right now are killer so you’ll get more points for a win but it depends how well you play.

I placed in Gold and got killer after around 3 hours of Ranked play. All in all took about 30 matches I think (had a 80% win rate). So yeah, depending on how good you are and how often you get matched up with players of the right skill level it can be done in a few hours.

Congratulations, glad to hear it went well.

It seems accumulative wins get you there the quickest, as I got there in one sitting from qualifier, so hopefully you’ll get a good streak going

Edit: just saw your updated post, congrats on the Killer rank dude

Every killer I fight is lag switching