Killer Instinct Windows 10 Errors, cant play online, cant buy anything from the store

So i just started yesterday on this journey that is trying to make this game work but i have no idea what to do anymore… i changed accounts, downloaded the game 2 times, signed the xbox live gold etc etc but nothing worked…

As soon as i enter the game at the PRESS ENTER i get the following message: Looking for updates… ERROR trying to load the save game, you wont be able to save your game - Cod. Error 10

Then at the store, i cant buy anything… bundles, characters etc, nothing! and also cant play online with the following - We cant connect you to the servers

Check pics for more details

btw, i can play the game all good offline… with only 1 character, lol

if someone could give me a hand i would really appreciate… thanks!

Could be corrupted date. I would first check if anything related to Windows app store, syncing, and updated system. If that is all good and still not fixed, try removing and reinstalling KI.