Killer Instinct Weekly Forum Battles

You don’t need to practice…its not that serious and you will be surprised how good you are compared to others on here. If you have every character at lvl 50…you should do fine. Just because we are all on here doesn’t mean we are all perfect players… join us and have fun…that’s all its about is fun. You cant win em all!

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LOL…you have to be able to beat Shago to make a decent video! I have never beat him. I came close 3x, had him down to one hit and he found a way to get me…argghhhh. one night I lost 60 times to Shago before i gave up! That was many months ago…so maybe now I have a better shot? If i could use Omen I think I could do it.
You go first and then Ill follow !

We’ll see. I’ve beat him twice. But ONLY twice.
EDIT: I’m gonna base my run an a Rocky parody! I suggest watching the Stallone classic before watching my video.

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It’s done. Check the OP.

This is also done. LOL Here Is a clip guys, from Forum Battles: Round 3, but Edited! :slightly_smiling: Part of my Mistakes were Made Series! <---- Click on that Link!

You know as much as I like Shadow Jago’s cold blue hands reaching for the controller, I think I’d like to try my hand at an alternate art for the thumbnail. No promises or anything, just gonna give it a try.

If you need inspiration, how about an art style like an MKX Style Art? Like this:

But With Shadow Jago and Jago replacing them. Even if It is just the faces, that would be great.

Or Like the Combo Breaker Pack?

It kills two birds with one Stone, ( I just know Geek is going to comment about that phrase. LOL)

One being one of the coolest battles in KI, and can have a deeper meaning!

Up to you though.

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Go for it. I would love to see it if you finish it.

I’d like to try a few drafts first. I was thinking along the lines of something humorous. I always felt like Omen was based off of trollface to be honest…

An interesting holiday-themed one could have Thunder performing COTE on a roasted turkey at Thanksgiving dinner, with Jago, Orchid, Sadira and TJ Combo sitting at the table watching with confused expressions, and Aganos wearing a large apron emerging from the kitchen with a steaming pumpkin pie.

Aganos would likely have glowing eyes and pissed off expressions on his mask.

0.0? I played like that? I did not think that I was that brutal. Good fights.

Here’s my matches from the other day - there was one I wanted to capture but fight archive was being problematic at the time.

Anyway, here you go:

Fulgore VS Spinal.
Jago Mirror.
Finally, we have Fulgore VS Riptor

Hope you enjoy.

@RGLOfficial I must know your ending Outro Music for Round 3 Video…

You will get there

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Gravity by K-Skye. It’s from a channel called Bye Bye Copyright.

LOL I’m scared to use it now.

(Real Time Forums FTW)

It’s fine to use! It’s actually royalty free.

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I’ll try to share the stream as much as I can. I might even stream today, With the title “Training for Forum Battles: Round 4!”, and I’ll try and share it on social media.

@RGLOfficial @MrxFlutterShy,

The only thing I’d advise, is to make sure the Stream Title is “KI Forum Battles: Round 4”, instead of " test stream"… Lol :slight_smile:

was that the title last week?