Killer Instinct Weekly Forum Battles

Battles were fun today, even if I lost almost all of them both on and off stream :slightly_smiling: I had a few good moments though.
Sorry I bugged off early. Little nephew wanted to play.

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There’s gonna be the first Brazilian community tournament as of tomorrow, The killer instinct community cup BR #1. starting 11:00 AM PST 15:00 Brasília. Its kinda like the forum battle in the way its free entry, but its got a bit more of a tourney structure
Edit: There will be a stream
Edit 2 the editening: The stream will be at


GGs to Optic and Forest Blade! The old style of Forum Battles was back and it was great! Just how I like it! :slightly_smiling:
Oh and GG to that bum @TheNinjaOstrich lol hows my Shago face feel on your Jago fist? huh huh???


This is cool. Someone should make a tournament or foreign tournament thread so that we know when these things happen and can support the streams.

This sounds strangely backwards; did you switch “fist” and “face” by accident, or did you just get wrecked? :stuck_out_tongue:

I atually did post about it, but it got very little attention :cold_sweat:

The latter…

Cough Jago vs Shadow Jago Cough

Yeah, thanks for the pointers Galactic :sunglasses:

You’re very welcome! :smiley:

Sorry for not showing up, I wasn’t informed of any of these arrangement changes @MRxFluttershy and @RGLOfficial, though they sound good as people seemed to have had a good time. I tried to make the party but people didn’t really let me know they wanted in, which is why there wasn’t a true forum battles party.

Glad to hear things went well.

I really liked how the stream went this week and how it was setup. It was clearly explained to newcomers how to participate, and we received plenty of newcomers who didn’t seem to mind the whole sign-up process, and as such, they were actually able to participate. I’m sure we’ll be seeing many of them again.

I also liked the 3-list setup, with the 1st list being a 1st-come, 1st-serve list, the 2nd being a random order list, and the 3rd and final list being a skill-based list. The best part is that regardless of that setup, it’s not set in stone either, since it’s easily malleable and can be adjusted as necessary on the fly - for example, I wasn’t available during the 3rd set, so I was simply taken out of it or passed by, which is fine by me - that’s how it should work.

All in all, the event and the appreciation for it, the game, and the community is still growing and this week’s event showed us a way we could rather easily promote all 3.

What concerns me about yesterday’s stream/event is the whole exhibition thing that @MrxFlutterShy and @RGLOfficial have promoted over the past couple of weeks. While we are indeed growing, could it be affecting how much we grow? While people are likely going to do it anyways and there’s no real way to stop it, I don’t personally like how many people leave the stream to do some exhibition matches (and this might not even be the case for everyone, as many of you may have good enough connections to both do exhibition AND watch the stream at the same time). Don’t get me wrong - I realize these exhibition matches will keep people entertained during the event as well as keeping them from stagnating skill-wise before their next on-stream match. It’s just that with people coming and going all of the time from the stream, it might actually affect viewership numbers moreso than you think. You see, a casual observer might be browsing Twitch, see a list of KI streams and see only about 9 people viewing the stream of our event and pass on it, thinking that the game must not be all that great, when in reality, there’s 25+ people actually participating and/or viewing at any given time (and steadily growing by the week). This might negatively affect what I thought we were trying to accomplish, which is to show our love for the game while also trying to grow the community.

All-in-all, I’m probably thinking too much into this, doomsday-sayer and worse-case-scenario and all kind of thing, but I still think it’s at least worth bringing it to your attention so that, at the very least, you’re aware of it and can take it into consideration before you decide to run off and participate in those exhibition matches. Twitch has been a very powerful tool for us, and I simply don’t want it to be wasted.

Can’t do anything about the viewer count.

But about the other thing,
It is every players job to know where they are on the list, and to check on it every few minutes to see if they are up next. The party leaders job is to tell them important stuff that they might miss. Like: when a new list is about to be made.

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The BR community cup stream will begin shortly… :astonished:


Cool. I just got home. Link the stream???

A couple of competitors by the names of Alphadengeki and Veronezi will narrating in portuguese, even if you don’t understand we have a bunch of killers who have been on top 32 at least once. So the quality of the matches will be high

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I’m watching it now. :wink:



Updating my console and then playing some games!

#Hey Guys:
I know this isnt DIRECTLY related to Forum Battles, but it fulfills our exact goals, so please drop by this thread and give it a look over. Any help would be appreciated.

I got wrecked! LOL

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The funny thing is, I had just finished a match with a party lobby, and Flutter is like (Paraphrasing) "Yo Ostrich? Where the (Expletive) you at? Your taking forever, and Seraphs is waiting!

I was like, " It’s my turn already? Wow."



Seraphs? Oh Snap! :open_mouth:

Completely Blindsided. LOL